Climate Community Citizen of the Week – Frank Tobia

Congratulations to Frank Tobia this weeks’ Climate Community Citizen of the Week.

We met Frank through one of our prior winners – Kyle Gracey of The University of Chicago. Frank is very active in a variety of environmental groups and has become a leader among students interested in green jobs and figuring out how to help those looking to start their careers find work that will help both the planet and themselves.


The following is a short bio about Frank.…

"Frank has never been much of an ardent environmentalist, but has always thought taking care of the earth is the right thing to do. His freshman year at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) he joined the campus's oldest environmental club, Ecologic, where he met a bunch of cool people working on interesting projects to make small steps toward a greener world. As time went on he gravitated toward more leadership roles, eventually becoming president, and helping organize and run Ecologic's Earth Week event on campus every year he was there. While president, he managed to increase membership and campus activities, and to build new ties between students, faculty, and administrators.

Frank's tenure at RPI saw a bunch of new environmentally-minded clubs spring up. He set up and maintained a sustainability community wiki to connect people both within Ecologic and in other environmental clubs. Frank also worked with the campus Student Sustainability Task Force to push for broader sustainability changes in the way RPI operated. Recently he has co-founded an environmental alumni affinity group through the Rensselaer Alumni Association, called SustainAffinity, for students and alumni working in green jobs and interested in environmental issues to stay in touch after they leave RPI. SustainAffinity was kicked off on Earth Day 2010 with a series of green drinks meetups held by alumni chapters throughout the country."

Frank runs his own blog – so be sure to check it out.

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