Climate Community Citizen of the Week – Clay McMullen

Congratulations to Clay McMullen this weeks Climate Community Citizen of the Week!

Clay is a student at W. Geauga High School in Chesterland Ohio. Clay has been very active in a variety of environmental activities for the past several years. We were introduced to Clay by our friends at Green My Parents (see their website or check out the fan page on Facebook). The most amazing thing about Clay is the depth of his understanding – and his willingness to take action and make such a difference – at such a young age. As with all our Winners – Clay represents the best in young people across the nation and the world.


The following is a summary of his work and interests…

Clay works for more sustainable lifestyles to benefit his community's health. Through initiatives in the community and at his school, Clay has worked to create outdoor classrooms and curriculum to get students outdoors to learn.

90% of the wetlands that existed in Ohio 200 years ago have been destroyed. The Wetlands Education Team, a group he started, created a wetland and educated thousands about the plight of wetlands in Ohio. They built nesting platforms for the wetland-dwelling osprey, and helped bring it from endangered to threatened. They planted over 600 trees.

Clay and his friends didn't stop at wetlands preservation. They got residents to switch over 400 bulbs to CFLs and LEDs to reduce their carbon footprint. Clay wrote a grant proposal and his school received a $64,200 grant that purchased diesel particulate filters for buses to implement his new no-idling plan.

Clay and his friends also started a bottle and can recycling project, installing a school vegetable garden and curriculum and advocate for voluntary measures to reduce their community's carbon footprint.


Congratulations again Clay and keep up the great work……

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