Climate Community Citizen of the Week – Alison Lerner

Congratulations to Alison Lerner, this week's Climate Community Citizen of the Week!


Alison is a published eco-author and a freshman at The University of Southern California. We met Alison through another of our winners – Laure Webber – as they both were invited (by Coke) to share in the running of the Olympic Torch in recognition of their wonderful leadership in environmental causes.


We were able to gather the following about Alison and her desire to have a positive impact?

Try saving the earth from environmental destruction before bedtime when you're only nine years old! That's the mission of the /Green Street Kids/, four youngsters who ban together to help combat urgent issues such as global warming and conservation of resources. Based on the idea that habits are formed when we are young, Alison decided to write a book about environmental stewardship for children. Her book, /The Greenstreet Kids: The Earth Warriors/, is designed to educate children about the environment and inspire them to save the planet. Her book has been published and is being read to elementary school children across the country. Her mission is to have the next generation "grow up green." Alison enthusiastically reads her book and imparts sustainable values to eager young children at schools, libraries and youth organizations. She also organizes beach clean-ups, encourages schools to use reusable water bottles, and started a battery recycling programs for community hospitals, preventing over 10,000 batteries per month from polluting local landfills. Alison is a committed advocate for our planet and never gives up. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her book has inspired many thousands of young "earth warriors."


Congratulations again to Alison ? keep up the great work ? and ? Fight On!!!


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