Climate Community Citizen of the Week – Alexis Chaves

Congratulations to Alexis Chaves this week’s Climate Community Citizen of the Week.

We have come to know about Alexis through another one of our winners – Sarah Elizabeth Ippel. Alexis is a student at the Academy for Global Citizenship in Chicago (Sarah Elizabeth is the schools founder).

Although we do not generally work with grade school students we believe that Alexis is quite unique in the amazing work she is doing, and we are very proud supporters of her school. The following is a short bit of background on Alexis:

Alexis Chaves: As a third grade student, Alexis is the Founder and President of the Endangered Species Club at the Academy for Global Citizenship. She and her team worked very hard and successfully raised $50 this year to protect a grey wolf. She would like to spend her $25 award on helping overfishing and protecting sharks and dolphins from fisherman. She is currently on a 5th grade reading level in school.

Alexis shares, "When I grow up, I want to be a paleontologist because I love animals. I am an inquirer because I want to be more knowledgeable about how to help our planet. I like learning about Math because there are lots of numbers. I am a global citizen because I help the earth and want to protect our oceans. I help our planet by planting flowers. My favorite vegetable is broccoli because it tastes good."

 Congratulations again to Alexis, and all of the students at Academy for Global Citizenship – keep up the great work!

Learn more about Allisyn & Become part of the community & learn more by visiting The Climate Community.


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