Climate Community Citizen of the Week – Aaron Lande

Congratulations to Aaron Lande – this weeks Climate Community Citizen of the Week.

Aaron works at the US Green Building Council headquarters in Washington DC. Aaron is an Advocacy Associate in the Sustainable Cities Program. In this role Aaron works closley with various organizations – ULI, The Clinton Climate Initiative, and NRDC. The over all goal is to improve the sustainability of our cities and urbanized spaces.


As the Advocacy Associate focusing on Sustainable Cities at the U.S. Green Building Council, Aaron Lande leads the organization?s work in the field of urban sustainability, including the Mayors? Alliance for Green Schools, the STAR Community Index and the Climate Positive Development Program. He also guides the local advocacy efforts of the Council?s 80 chapters and works with the staff and volunteers to advance policies in support of green buildings and neighborhoods.

The Mayors?Alliance for Green Schools is a coalition of mayors from large cities and small towns seeking to harness local?level leadership and creativity to promote the benefits of green schools in their communities. The Alliance provides connection to experts, opportunities to exchange resources and best practices, and a peer-to-peer network for mayors and their staff interested in promoting green schools in their communities.

The STAR Community Index is a joint effort of USGBC, ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability and the Center for American Progress, to create a framework for quantifying the sustainability of US cities and counties. STAR will provide governments, advocates and citizens alike with common definitions and metrics that can be used when evaluating sustainability.

The Climate Positive Development Program is an effort launched by the Clinton Climate Initiative, in partnership with the USGBC, to address the dual challenge of rapid urban growth and climate change. Climate Positive is bringing together a diverse collection of developments from around the world that are committed to achieving carbon negativity and demonstrating a new level of sustainable cities. The advancements made by these developments, when documented in terms of carbon, can be understood and replicated by others.

Prior to joining the USGBC, Aaron worked for four years as a Legislative Assistant for Congresswoman Darlene Hooley (OR). While with the congresswoman, Aaron helped to found and manage the Congressional Green Schools Caucus, a task force in the U.S. House of Representatives formed to raise awareness of and promote the benefits of green schools. His primary areas of responsibility were environment and resources, education, science and technology and foreign affairs and defense.

Aaron received his bachelor of arts in Political Science from Carleton College in Minnesota.

We met Aaron in October at the Urban Land Institute annual meeting and were very impressed with his knowledge of the Green Building arena. With a focus on the sustainability of US cities and how climate change will impact the way people live, work and play – this work is critical. As the nation and world moves on after Copenhagen – the work of Aaron and his colleagues at USGBC will be critical in thinking about adaptation – and the specific policy steps taken at a state and local level.


 We would like to again say – congratulations Aaron and keep up the great work!

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