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Here at The Strawberry House, we're trying to make every effort to go green. We have a 1300 kilowatt solar panel system on our roof, we have a McGuiver style grey-water system (basically buckets in our kitchen sink and in our master shower we catch water with etc.), we use all eco-friendly cleaning products and try to make most of our own, we have hybrid vehicles parked in our driveway (and just sold the old hot rod), we host green events such as Earthdance, Green Heart Eco-Yoga day, and The Green Girls Holiday Spectacular and we try are switching to all eco-friendly service providers.


We started our switch with Loran pest control who uses a concoction of mainly clover oil to create an insect barrier around our house, we switched to Go Green Gardeners for our landscaping service, we used Green & Granola Housekeeping to find a new maid, and our newest provider we had over today, Bio Clean, ran by owner Brian Filosa.


Brian came over today and we can see out our windows again! He was down to earth, professional, and just a cool guy. He has been running his business for over 12 years now. He uses a solution of water and Epic, which is made from a company based in San Diego. We just found out about Epic from Julie Soloman recently as Ken and I attended her home tour, The Green Beacon Foundation this past weekend. You can buy Epic from

I highly recommend Brian. I found him through Greenopia's cleaning services directory for L.A. but you can also find him on Yelp. To make it even easier, here's his information: 818-640-9741 or Brain does windows, gutters, mini-blinds, AND solar panels! :)


Learn more about Janine at Green Wave

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