How To Make Chuck Norris Earrings. You know you want one.

How To Make Fabulous Chuck Norris Earrings – A Girl’s Ultimate Defense


Be fierce and fabulous with these Chuck Norris earrings, personalized with your favorite Chuck Norris image. No need to fight the urge. You know you want one.

We all know that Chuck Norris can cut through a hot knife with butter. He can strangle a man with a cordless phone. People are reminded by these known facts when they see his image. Don’t delay. Make your own Chuck Norris earrings today. It’s the ultimate protection.

For your Chuck Norris earrings, you’ll need:

  • 1. Fish hook earrings
  • 2. Jump rings
  • 3. Tack or nail
  • 4. Scissors
  • 5. Spool of metallic fabric
  • 6. Cardboard
  • 7. Glue
  • 8. Clear packing tape
  • 9. 2 sets of your favorite Chuck Norris photos

You can wear it to cocktail parties & express how ultra-awesome you are in the most subtle way.

You can give the gift of ultimate defense to that bad-ass person in your life because, let’s be honest, not everyone can rock a pair of Chuck Norris earrings.

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