Christmas in July

It's a common saying …not really sure why although I feel like at one point in my life, I did know why.  Well it just so happens to be July and I just so happened to take notice of our live Christmas / holiday trees growing on the side of the house.

Christmas in July
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Ken and I thought it would be a good idea, instead of buying a real "dead" (ok cut)  tree every year, to just buy live trees we could plant later.  We have done that now the last two years.  It was last year when I realized we would soon have a row of trees that don't even match our landscape if we continued on with this tradition.  The funny thing is that they are symbol of a holiday we celebrate but don't really "buy into". Funny, the things we do.  I guess we thought we would be more "eco" if we had trees we could reuse year to year.  Our walls are windows so we figured we would get decorations that could survive the elements.  What I noticed today however, was the tree from our first year has now reached the same height as our tree from this past year.

That might make sense but this guy was a little tiny thing when we got him.  I remember Ken's mother saying something along the lines of "I think this is a redwood" when his parents came over sometime over the holiday-ness of this last December.  Today is the day I finally believe her.  I was a little concerned about it when she said it initially but now … now I just feel silly.  I can't believe we did not check out what kind of tree this is / would turn into.

The tree next to it is not much better, it's a Blue Spruce which seems to grow wild in Aspen, but not necessarily in the San Fernando Valley.  Our original intentions were very cute and innocent but now I wonder what we have gotten ourselves into.  I personally look at our grass we still have in the backyard (which actually isn't much) and I want to let it die.  Why do we need it?  I feel, especially since we are in a drought, that grass is a waste of water.  So then, back to our holiday trees … what are we doing?  I don't want to be a tree killer so I will let them stay for now -I need to think down the road 20 years about what our consequences will be; 20 years minimum.

The green movement to me is many things.  It's about conservation, efficiency, harmony, and peace.  Holiday trees do nothing for conserving water … it seems if we plant them live or if we cut them down, the tradition is not overly efficient.  I see no harmony in what we are doing with our natural environment here and therefore it's not necessarily peaceful.  So what I started thinking about is this … why do we even have Christmas trees?  Maybe a permanent Christmas cactus would be much more fitting.  Why not look at this model we are perpetuating and see if we can do better?  I would say that we do Christmas or Holiday trees that look like they come from back East because many of us have lines that go back East whether that means to New England or Europe.  What originated there as tradition maybe should be modified to fit our current environment.    So I think this year, we will keep our two holiday trees, but I am going to look at the trees we already had and see if we cannot make one of those our holiday trees.  Why not make another tree glam?  Why do pines have to be the face of Christmas beauty?  Just questions for you to consider this next holiday season :)

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