Chicks With Knives

If you're in LA on Sunday, September 28th, and are looking for a whole new dining experience, you've got to join the Chicks with Knives for an end of summer feast!


The Scoop!

Our very own guru, Pace is the culinary and nutrition expert of Chicks With Knives & for $48.00, they will serve you a scrumptious four-course, sustainable, gourmet meal at a secret location in Mid-City, on Sunday, September 28th at 7pm. [more]

The Menu!

- Late-Summer Gazpacho

- *Czech Yellow Wonder Tomatoes, Sweet Banana Peppers, Lemon Cucumber*

- Spinach Salad with Dates & Apples

-*Spinach Greens, Shallots, Palm Desert Dates, Brave-Heart Apples*

- Pork Loin with Chard & Cauliflower

- *Pork Tenderloin, Quince, Rainbow Chard; Calvofiore*

- Figs with Sweet Cheese

- *Los Feliz Figs, Bonner-Mieritz Honey, Fresh Made Mascarpone-Style Cheese*

The Rave!

The Secret Underground Restaurant in LA
"We really enjoyed the evening.  Rachel and Pace, our hosts, are incredibly talented ladies who have sophisticated knowledge and passion for great and healthful food.  At $45 pp, it was well worth the price. Many of the veggies actually came from Rachel's personal cooperative garden.   Most of the guests were passionate foodies like ourselves, many of whom  love to check out all the restaurants just like us.  We look forward to attending another one of their events. " 

Chicks with Knives: Carving up Creativity on the Sly
"Guerrilla Dining. I’d never heard the term before Saturday night, when I sat in a not-quite-breezy-enough Hollywood apartment, chatting with strangers about this trend in underground gourmet dining. A group of people gather in a secret location and are treated to the artistry of a couple of chefs. There is no say in the menu other than specifying dietary restrictions. If you are willing to travel off the Zagat-rated map and risk eating from an uninspected kitchen, you will be rewarded with a unique dining experience."

Want to learn more? Email these chicks at or visit them at Chicks With Knives!

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