Chic & Cheap last minute gifts for everyone!

Though this season's Holiday shopping has seemed rather reasonable (I guess a massive recession forces people to shop smartly)… there are still always last minute gifts to grab!  Here are some great (inexpensive) finds for those "hard to shop for" friends - or gift-giving situations that may have slipped your mind.

A bit of elegance:  Perfect to spice up a table top, workspace, or a kitchen counter!  I love the old school glam vibe of this porcelain conch shell, $20… it'll transcend any recipient to a chic, tropical locale.
A cheeky throwback:  Are you kidding me with this one???  Though my arcade game days are long behind me… I still find myself lingering around any pizza joint or ironic tavern that's keeping the First Lady of 80s Video Games alive.  Of 100% Eco-Felt (made from recycled plastic bottles), the Ms. PacMan pillow, $20 is a great gift for anyone who likes a laugh (and vintage video games).
Appropriate for everyone:  From college kid to grandparent… the cobalt recycled tumblers, $43/set of 4 work for any situation!  Once wine bottles, now chic glassware, the vibrant blue is the perfect color punch for tons of tabletops.
For the animal lover:  Chic and cruelty-free, the PETA pleather wallet, $29 practices what it preaches - "Fake, for the Animals' Sake."  Available in Tri-fold AND Bi-fold, it's look is a bit rugged and rock-n-roll while it's message is nothing but compassionate.
Have a gorgeous, "green" and healthy holiday season!

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