Change Starts with You

The Deepwater Horizon continues to be the worst environmental disaster in our nation's history. I'm not sure exactly what the majority of people feel, but I do know some have feelings of despair or helplessness stemming from not knowing what to do. Some people are even feeling like they don't understand why this the situation cannot be rectified.

This problem was created by us. Every single on of us who drives a car, drinks out of plastic straws, plastic bottles of any kind (soda, water, fruit drinks), uses cheap beauty products with petroleum in them, doesn't shop locally, eats "conventional" food … and the list goes on.. We should all take personal responsibility for this disaster, be really honest with ourselves, and also realize the power to change the situation lies within us and our daily habits.

So do something! Get active! Get inspired! We really need everyone stepping out of the complacency which seems to run standard in our culture. Let's raise the bar, the future needs us to. Even little things count. If you need help, you can always contact me personally, my non-profit seeks to teach and inspire a legion of international eco-ambassadors. That may seem like a lofty title, "eco-ambassador" ,but even if you are simply using your re-usable bags, using your refillable water canteens, signing petitions here and there, you are an eco-ambassador. There are many shades of green, and every gesture helps the planet and helps influence those around you. So I encourage you to please do anything.

Creative recycling. Rubber band ball to be given to our local CSA (community supported agriculture) program along with fruit baskets.

Examine your life for the small things you can do to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Maybe it's an increased effort to support a CSA or farmer's market so you can get local, organic produce (not sprayed with petroleum based pesticides) and which doesn't travel from another country (which expends oil for gas AND carbon). Non-local food travels an average of 1500 miles before it hits our plate. That's a lot of gas and carbon.

Flirt with public transportation and carpooling options, or increase your already existing habit. Try the bus, ride your bike somewhere, take the metro, opt for the train over plane. Next time around for car shopping, buy a hybrid or electric vehicle.

Be creative with recycling and reuse. Start mini recycling programs if there isn't one. For instance, I save the fruit baskets our farmer's market berries come in and give them back. I also started a rubber band ball I will bring to one of the farmer's. Silly, but every little gesture counts. A lot of us doing little things turns into a serious impact.

Our country was built on entrepreneurism, business creativity, but we need to switch gears to sustainable business ideas. Look at your local community and see what you could create to fill a need. You can look to your local environmental non-profits or go back to school, read some books, or email me for ideas to inspire your creative business sense. Need a role model? Check out what Richard Branson is up to.

What can you do right this moment?

  • Do a self-assesment of your daily life. If you need help with self examination, email me through my website:
  • You can call the salon you go to or call several local salons, and have them sign up with A Matter of Trust. Pet hair works too. Talk to your local groomers. This is an organization that collects hair scraps and uses them to make needed booms that help soak up oil.
  • You can sign up to be a volunteer
  • Start signing those petitions on,, (just to mention a few) -Drilling is Not the answer -let's put a stop to spending money on a dirty energy source and redirect the funds to a clean solution, solar.
  • Watch some documentaries! Essentials: FUEL, The Story of Stuff, CRUDE
  • Search out events that give us a collective voice. Hands in the Sand in next Saturday!

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