Change for Change

On November 2nd, 2009 Kalia Modern Eco-Living and Green Wave launched their pilot program for further environmental and philanthropic initiatives. This particular initiative was called "Change for Change".

Kalia Pilot Program: Change for Change
On Monday, Zack Cohen, marketing director for the luxurious Costa Rican development group, approached the employees of Kalia in an employee meeting. The voluntary employee "fundraising" initiative was entitled "Change for Change" as the employees were to create an intention jar, pick a day, then search high and low for change around their homes, cars, clothes, and perhaps in their walk of life to return to Kalia on their designated "Change for Change" day.

The concept was designed by Green Wave with the particular goal of raising $100 for the food budget of an Environmental Awareness Holiday Party for the 300 public school children in Cobano, Costa Rica to be thrown by the Rainsong Animal Sanctuary. Rainsong is an animal rescue as well as an environmental education resource for their area of Costa Rica, saving animals, re-releasing to the wild if possible, all the while teaching by reforestation efforts and private tours of wildlife and native plants of Costa Rica.

Below is a still picture documentary of the initiative which included founder of Green Wave, Janine Johnson, also scouring her life for change as she believes if what you ask of others, you must be willing to do yourself. She founded her non-profit company, Green Wave in 2006 inspired directly from Gandhi's iconic quote "You must be the change you wish to see in the world".

Final count up and rolling money (shirt by

At 11:30 on Friday night, Janine made the final count and from one day's worth of change, $57 was raised towards the children's environmental holiday party. Kalia has so graciously agreed to make up the difference to fund the food budget of vegan, macrobiotic cookies and snacks for the children of Cobano. After this fun exercise for the employees of Kalia, they are currently looking into making this an on-going program to do as fun for the office. Imagine the budget they could come up with within a year of doing change for change; imagine what you could accomplish by implementing this program at your place of work.

Zack Cohen, Marketing Director l Kalia

My personal stash, lint included!

It's easy to do, here are the steps:

1) Find the courage to decide to do it!
2) Pick a cause
3) Write a proposal for your boss
4) Inform all staff/ employees of your intentions with this program
5) Make a "Change for Change" bowl
6) Pick a "Change" day/ or decide you will do it indefinitely
7) Pick a day to start and go!

Unexpected "goodies"!

If children grow up appreciating the impact their small sector of the world has in regards to function and biodiversity, I believe we create a strong lobbying party for the environment. My desire to work to educate the children of Costa Rica is influenced by the fact that I am down there quarterly and also the global cooling strategy that we need to not only keep the trees but concentrate on reforesting rainforest as it acts as the lungs of the world. If you would like to elect Green Wave as your Change for Change beneficiary, please contact me at . Otherwise, if you implement this program at work or within any of your socializing circles, please keep in touch and let me know how it is going.

The "final" -ready for the bank

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