Celebrate spring with photos

All of you Green Girls who live in California, Florida and Texas have spring all year long. But for those of us in the Northern climes, spring truly is an awakening, a meaningful time when too few of us pause to truly enjoy and appreciate its meaning. We're stressed, we're busy. A walk usually includes at least one cell phone call. 

This is really sad.

One cure is to insert some time into every day to step outside and notice. Use all your senses to inhale the vision and life emerging before you. 

How about making a daily commitment? If this sounds dry or boring, link the concept to something you enjoy doing like drawing, writing or taking photos. The latter is a passion of mine (Lynn).

Taking photos and seeing them on my computer screen brings me great joy even if I never print them out (which I rarely do). Photographs from nature inspire me every day, so in the spring, I like to spend at least five minutes taking pictures. Then I load them into the computer and create slide shows which sustain me in darker times of the year.

Celebrating spring to me means taking the time to see, smell, feel and shoot.

You don't have to be a great photographer, writer or painter to enjoy interacting with nature in this way. And it can bring you great joy as you celebrate the PERFECTION of the natural world.

These photos I took throughout a spring and summer make me happy and remind me constantly what I am part of.

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