Can’t Sleep? Try some natural sleep remedies

Five Natural Sleep Remedies

Suffering from sleepless nights? We have all been there at one point or another. It can be very frustrating but there are natural alternatives to aid your sleeping woes. Below are 5 fantastic ways to help you fall asleep.

1. Alternate Nostril Breathing-I was first introduced this technique in a yoga class. Closing one nostril with your thumb while breathing then alternating between the two is a great way to slow down your heart rate and prepare your body for sleep. Doing this technique for about 5 minutes will certainly calm your nervous system. Alternate nostril breathing is said to improve brain function because it allows you to access both sides of the brain.

2. Valerian -As a plant that originates in Europe and Asia, it has been used as a medicinal supplement for years. Its therapeutic uses can be tracked as far back as Hippocrates. Available as a dietary supplement, valerian proves to be quite the sedative.  In addition to promoting sleep, valerian is a fabulous muscle relaxant, great anxiety aid and useful for easing intestinal pain.

3. Child’s Pose-Doing a modified child’s pose can be extremely useful for quieting the mind. Using 2 or 3 stacked pillows underneath your belly with your arms hugging the pile, rest in child’s pose. Remain in the pose for about 5 minutes and not only will your body feel looser but your mind will begin to slow down. Resting in this pose 20 minutes before bed after having a little valerian root, you are sure to be sleeping soundly much sooner.

4. Catnip Tea -Chamomile tea is often praised for its calming effects but have you tried catnip tea? This herb may make cats go wild but it also makes humans sleep like babies. Catnip tea helps relax your mind to promote better sleep. The active ingredient is nepetalactone   which makes it a light sedative.

5. Hot Bath -Many articles suggest a hot bath to reduce stress and aid insomnia but when I first learnt of this tip, I wasn’t sure how effective it would be.  I tried taking a really hot bath right before bed and I was shocked at how well it worked. I was so sleepy 10 minutes into the bath; I just about crawled from the bathroom straight into my bed. I was fast sleep minutes later.

Of course, everybody is different and some will respond better to certain remedies than others but all are worth a try! When you are in dire need of good rest it doesn’t hurt to try a couple of natural sleep remedies to help your cause.

Good luck and goodnight!

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