Canadian-Built Solar XOF1 Car of Tomorrow Unveiled

A Canadian car that consumes no oil, no gas and runs solely on sunlight will be on display at the Canadian Residence in Hancock Park, on March 6, 2009. Marcelo Da Luz, the creator and a solar enthusiast, has driven the car's flattened sheath floating less than three feet off the ground across North America, and has set the world's distance record for a solar-powered vehicle.

The Power of One

“Inspired by the sun, motivated by the environment”
~Marcelo Da Luz

The car, referred to as XOF1, will be arriving in Los Angeles, having driven over 12,500 miles using only sunshine as fuel, never being plugged into the grid, crossing the continental divide 8 times, driving on over 1200 miles of gravel roads, taking on snow, ice, and the low angle of the Northern hemisphere during the wettest summer of the past 30 years in the region. XOF1 has turned heads from Toronto to Vancouver and over the Golden Gate Bridge. Residents in one Alaska town called the police to report a UFO.

Hosts: The Consulate General of Canada in Los Angeles in partnership with the Canada-
California Business Council and Canadians Abroad

Date: Friday, March 6, 2009

Time: 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

*Marcelo has only been stopped by the Highway Patrol 11 times. The XOF1 Solar car meets a all the standards for a legal vehicle operating on the road.


*The XOFI Solar car is the first Solar car to reach the Artic Circle
* The first Solar car to run in sub-zero temperature
*The first Solar car to drive on ice roads.

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