CalFinder Is Yelpin’ About Solar

Still looking for solar options? CalFinder did some digging & canvassed Yelp reviews so you don't have to.  The reviews are generally positive, with only a few negative exceptions, according to CalFinder.

Uk Solar Power Experiment
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Just a few on their list:

sungevity solar contractors


Sungevity (Berkeley, 5 Stars) – Sungevity specializes in residential solar sales and installation in the Bay Area, including thorough short- and long-term cost estimates. Aaron M. of Berkeley enjoyed a “flawless experience” with Sungevity. “This is a company that cares and gets it right.”

regrid power solar contractors

Regrid Power (San Jose, 4 Stars) – Regrid Power handles all aspects of solar power panel installation, from sloped roofs to flat roofs to ground mounts and custom solutions. Regrid even handles solar pool heating. The company services homes and businesses throughout central and northern California.

celestial power solar contractors         


Celestial Power (Austin, 5 Stars) – Celestial Power is proud to be a local solar energy contractor in Austin, Texas. “We live and work here,” they proclaim on the company website. Celestial Power is made up of electrical contractors who have embraced solar power. Apparently, they’ve embraced customer service as well:

Check out the full list of four-starred or better contractors HERE.


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