C5 company: restructuring to make sustainable jewelry more accessible

C5 company, the pioneer of sustainable fine jewelry, has recently relaunched their website. The new site better outlines their custom jewelry design services and has a fun, interactive gallery showcasing more samples of their work.

    C5 custom jewelry is a great option for discerning customers who want jewelry that matches their values and their own unique style.

The new website is the first step in the company's re-structuring. Stay tuned for the launch of Sulusso, an online marketplace dedicated to sustainable luxury. Sulusso, which means "On Luxury" in Italian, takes the place of the C5 jewelry boutique and is expected to open by the end of July with an outstanding selection of jewelry from designers commited to social and environmental responsibility.  

In addition, C5 company is working on their first ready-to-wear collection, which will be available both wholesale and retail. Like their custom jewelry, the C5 collection will be made from recycled precious metals and ethically sourced gems. With the collection, C5 seeks to make it even easier for consumers to align their values with their purchasing decisions. You don't have to sacrifice sustainability for beauty with C5 fine jewelry.

Author: Meghan Connolly Haupt is the founder and principal of Sulusso offering custom design services and ready-to-wear pieces that you can feel good about. 

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