Bringing “Eco” to the Beach

I am always thinking about how to make life more green sustainable so when I had the opportunity to review a new eco-line of sexy swimsuits I offered up my two daughters happily. As a devoted green business owner, I know how much effort and education it takes to make consumers aware of how their choices in what they buy and wear impacts not just their lives but how we all live. The girls were skeptical until I pulled out the fashionable and comfortable samples that Eco Panda sent.

Eco Panda’s launch in 2009 makes them the first company to begin the green revolution in the swimwear industry. Their suits are sustainable both for the environment and you’re pocketbook. Fashioned from recycled nylon and X-tra life Lycra, the suits last three times longer than the average suit (think old fishing nets). The production also saves 27% petroleum resources and reduces greenhouse gases.  

Yet if the suits didn’t rate in style, all that eco-consciousness would be for nothing. Everyone struggles with how swimsuits fit and look, even on the seemingly perfect body, but my girls gushed about not only how good the suits look but also how comfortable and well cut they are. The beach cover-ups have served as the perfect cover up- cute, stylish and quick drying.
When it comes to bikinis though, the real test is how the suit stands up not just to the sunning but the water play. Unlike the other suits that my eldest daughter has collected over the years, this suit actually stays in place, so when she comes up from a wave her younger brothers aren’t surprised about what has frequently become uncovered. Her younger sister who is vying for the suit exclaimed- “It’s so comfortable, you can hardly even feel it.”   
Here is the other silver lining, with true sizing, good cuts and comfort, I can see my hours spent in swimsuit dressing rooms coming to an end. The girls are already excited to preview the Eco Panda new 2011 collection for this summer.  So now you know, next time you are looking for a swimsuit you can find comfort for your body and your conscience with the Eco friendly swimsuit line-

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