Bridging the Gap Between Beauty and Eco-Savvy

For the first time in years, I checked out a Ricky’s NYC store. For those who are not familiar with the company, Ricky’s is an “edgy, ultra-hip ‘beauty shop’ specializing in hair care, cosmetics and unique fashion accessories.” It’s pretty much a one-stop shop for anything cutting edge in the beauty industry.

Ever since I decided to make my way towards greener pasture, I thought it best to avoid such stores because they seemed like the type of places that would not offer healthy beauty alternatives. Plus, I didn’t want to be tempted by all the clever marketing applied to these products: “hair like silk, lips like Angelina’s, eyelashes so long you could knock your neighbor over…” I think you get the picture.

Well, I was completely wrong and have definitely been missing out. Just about every product category comes in an eco-friendly version. I couldn’t believe it! They actually don’t seem to promote this fact which is good because it shows a sort of seamless integration taking place in the industry.

Their About Us page simply states: “Ricky's is constantly forging ahead, seeking new projects and devising new ways to share their vision of beauty with the world (with a supersized dose of fun in the process of course).” I guess that says it all, their vision of beauty has a natural, eco-fab penchant.

When I first started making changes in my beauty routine I had to run around to find descent products, now, they are all in one great place and the range is constantly expanding. Thus far, its stores are mainly located throughout NY but plans for a nationwide expansion are well on their way. Kudos to them!!

Since the beginning of summer, Sephora is another store that has made strides toward adapting to a market that is increasingly eco-conscious. Sephora created its own internal standard for their natural products—and a green “Natural Sephora” logo to identify those that pass the test.

I’ve also noticed in the newly redesigned Duane Reade stores there are similar eco-beauty sections as well.

Great progress! This is all good news because there shouldn’t have to be a compromise between being fashionable and eco-friendly.

Thank goodness, the gap is being bridged!

BUT, I still say, BUYER BEWARE! So much of the savvy marketing has now been applied to the organic/natural bandwagon. Greenwashing is alive and well so I still refer to the trusty as much as possible. Should a product not be listed in the database, it can easily be submitted for analysis.

Happy Shopping!

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