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Sustainable fashion is all grown up and playing with the big girls.  This week saw the launch of the first print magazine dedicated to sustainable fashion:  boho.

Printed on 100% recycled pape with soy-based, biodegradable inks, boho is not just some alternative living magazine  or a collection of "green" topics with some fashion thrown in for good measure. With full page fashion layouts (their first issue features Holly Kiser–the winner of last season's Make Me a Supermodel!),  product reviews, news, gossip, and more–it is the perfect transition to the future of fashion publishing.

The magazine's editor, Gina La Morte is a stylist and the founder of  She's been featured in pretigious television shows and print media including The View, MTV, Bravo; O, The Oprah Magazine, People–and many, many more!  She is the very first American stylist to have launched her own magazine, and is very proud of the American spirit which inspired the project.  She describes a boho reader as:

"Free.  Radical.  Independent.  Her only fear is convention; her only weakness, shoes!  The bump on her nose adds character; the scar on her shoulder, strength.  There is no such thing as imperfection, just originality.  She's unmovable, unshakeable, unstoppable.  She is America's next top role model."

She adds, "A boho reader is a woman who supports earth-friendly causes and is also a beauty brat.  She has a social-conscience but doesn't apologize for wanting a new pair of pumps (perhaps they're recyclable!).  boho is for women of all ages who are 'eco-conscious' without being 'eco-militant.'  Our aim is to provide readers with important yet convenient ways to care for the earth, while not ignoring her need to look great and have fun, too."

boho is available through subscription on their website, and will be sold at Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods, and other retailers around the country. 

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