Blog Action Day – Help TheGreenGirls Build a Well for Women and Children

It's Blog Action Day, and as part of our global discussion on how to make a difference on the topic of Water, we are going to build a well for our sisters and brothers in a developing part of the world.

Consider the following:

1) One in eight of us on the planet lack access to clean, safe drinking water.

Remember the last time you poured yourself a glass of water, boiled something for your meal, or washed your vegetables or fruits in water? The 7/8 of us on the planet who have access to clean drinking water are fortunate – we live like royalty! As part of a global perspective, let's also commit to bringing water to the 1/8 of our planet who does not have it. – donate $12.99

2) Unsafe drinking water and lack of sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war.

Water-borne diseases include E. coli, salmonella, cholera and hepatitis A. The lack of safe water leads to 42,000 deaths each week, including children. Let's do our part. – donate $12.99

3) More people have access to a cell phone than to a toilet.

Today, 2.5 billion people lack access to toilets. Millions of tons of sewage spill into our rivers and streams, contaminating drinking water and causing disease. Let's focus on cleanliness and infrastructure by assisting our global family members in receiving access to basic sanitation.

How to Make a Difference

Blog, tweet, or share this post on Facebook. I request your help in reaching people who care.

Please make a donation of $5, $10, $20, $50, or $100:

As a gift, you may download a copy of my 240 page e-book on "How to Build your Community of Clients Online" after you make your donation. Value: $12.99.

Use the code: MYCHARITYWATER here:

Thank you for your support.



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