Bless a Child Artist With Household Junk You Don’t Want Anymore

This week I’m clearing out box after box of old baubles, fabrics and other crafty items that I’ll probably never use to reclaim some of my free space again. But I refuse to dump them in a landfill and I’m not even sure they’ll get the best use sitting on a shelf at the local thrift shop. Luckily, I found something much better.

In the past few years, there’s been a new concept that’s spreading like wildfire among communities that want to give back to local creative arts while also helping businesses and families find more eco-friendly alternatives to waste. A Creative Reuse Center is a nonprofit organization with a physical location that collects, organizes and distributes discarded items from the community in order to make artistic supplies more accessible to schools, theaters and inner city children. (Find a center near you)

The idea is that local businesses and households can donate what they consider “junk”, such as coffee cans, fabric scraps, jewelry findings, wine corks, glass jars and so much more. The Arts & Scraps recycling store in Detroit provides a great quick list of old items that qualify. Not only do these centers provide an eco-friendly way for you to part with your old trinkets, they also keep local art alive by making supplies and resources available to children and minimally funded community organizations.

If you need a few more ideas on how to recycle your fabric scraps, I’ve shared 5 of them on the Green Diva blog.

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