Beware of Stevia Imposters

Most of you are well aware of dangers of using artificial sweeteners (e.g.
Splenda, Sweet & Low, Equal, etc.) and have eliminated them from your diet
completely and replaced them with extracts of the Stevia Rebaudiana plant, more
commonly known as "Stevia".


Did you know that so many
of you are being completely deceived with phony products claiming to be
Stevia? The fact that Truvia has become a $40 million product is
evidence of such. I know some of you aren't label readers and innocently
believe what is marketed to you but what you are consuming is just as
harmful as the artificial sweeteners you sought to replace.

Leave it to the mega corporations to take something 100% natural and try to
genetically engineer a dupe to guarantee extreme amounts of revenue yet continue
to market it as "natural" stevia to jump on the popularity bandwagon. This from
a company that markets Splenda as a "healthy" alternative to sugar and tells you
it's okay to add it to your food and drinks.

Splenda is a chlorocarbon poison
liberating chlorine, and was found on a
China site under “insecticides”. Quite healthy indeed, hunh?

All reports made available suggest Cargill manipulates the stevia or genetically
engineers the product TRUVIA. After reading numerous reports, I knew there might
be a possibility of a trace amount of the plant in Truvia to gain the use of a
huge percentage of the population but definitely NOT any true form of the plant.

According to scientists who analyzed Truvia(1), it is 9/10 of 1% Rebiana and
masking agent. Rebiana is not an ingredient in the stevia plant, nor is it found
in nature. It is produced by the action of chemicals and stringent alcohols on
various stevia glycosides. Rebiana is simply the trade name Cargill gave their
chemically derived product in 2008. The FDA “No Questions” letter states that
Rebiana contains residues of ethanol and methanol.

Rebiana is commonly confused with Rebaudioside-A (Reb-A). Reb-A is one of the 11
glycoside compounds naturally within the stevia leaf and is about 400 times
sweeter than sugar. So a little goes a very long way! Reb-A is produced by the
action of sunlight on the leaves. Do you think they named it similarly as a mere

The other 99.1% of Truvia is erythritol, a sugar extracted from corn with
alcohol (a sugar alcohol), which can be hard on the digestive system. Truvia is
essentially corn sugar, and is not a pure stevia product.

Let's now focus on the deception of PureVia. PureVia is 8/10 of 1% Rebiana (even
though they list it as Reb-A on their ingredients list) and 99.2% sugars, Sun
Crystals is 96.5% table sugar, and Stevia in the Raw is 95.8% table sugar. All
these “stevia products” are really just sugar products as well. Usually, when
someone buys a “stevia product” they think they’re are getting a sugar
substitute, but what they are really getting, at least with these products, are
mainly just different forms of sugar, (and in a couple cases, mainly table
sugar) at best.

Just read this list of complaints/side effects of Truvia users and you'll too

  • severe migraines
  • severe insomnia
  • bloating
  • mouth sores
  • bad breath
  • back, neck , shoulder pain
  • upset stomach
  • abdominal cramps
  • loose stools
  • diarrhea
  • low blood sugar
  • hives
  • (and we aren't yet sure if there are more
    severe side effects as studies are ongoing)


I use pure stevia leaf from my local health food
store or Whole Foods. I also use the powder form that has added inulin fiber,
which feeds the good bacteria in the intestines, which in turn, strengthens the
immune system. READ THE LABELS! The ONLY ingredients should be Stevia leaf
and/or inulin fiber.

Better yet, if you live in a tropical climate like I do, try growing your own
stevia plants. They are naturally aphid resistant, grow in shallow containers
and are easy to care for! If you do decide to grow your own stevia, dry and
crush the leaves before using as a sweetener. Grind the dried leaves and
sprinkle them into cereals and other cold dishes as you would sugar. Or use it
like a bay leaf to sweeten meat and vegetables dishes while they cook.

Please stay tuned for a post soon to follow regarding the many different
uses of Stevia!

Knowledge is everything – attain it, retain it & then share it with the world!

Mindy Perez

EVOKE Elegance


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