Becoming Green from the Inside Out (part II)

So hopefully you have practiced paying attention to yourself by giving yourself time to tune in to your posture and breath and have become aware of some of the little nuances you may have that you already have changed for the better or are still aspiring to do.

Sometimes old habits are hard to kick. I, myself, have an incredibly hard time with turning on the water when I am brushing my teeth. It's the strangest thing … I still do it, out of habit, but I am aware I am doing it so I turn it off. So for me, my next step is to be aware of the subtle, initial impulse or self created reflex I have when I go to brush my teeth and kill it J Hey, we all have work to do. [more]

So there are two things that you should be aware of on your journey of becoming green or being green. It is important to recognize that being green is a journey, it is a path …there is no final destination as there will always be trade-offs to think about due to the diversity and complexities associated with both our nature (as a species) and Nature. There are two main questions I think are important to keep in mind:

1) What am I taking in/ absorbing?

2) What am I putting out?

These two questions are important because it helps you control your mind. Our realities or worlds are often constructed by our own concepts of what we all refer to as "the world". Figure out what your inner world of thoughts looks like so you have a better chance of perceiving the world around you.

So here are some questions associated with the two questions above. I would say write this down but … why waste paper? Take some time again, to yourself

What are you taking in means …what are you exposed to? What are you reading? Who do you associate with? What do you eat? What do you wear? What do you crave? Basically, what are you consuming be it items or ideas?

What are you putting out means, what is your total impact? This could mean waste from your consumption lifestyle. This could mean attitude that you carry around with you and share with those you come into contact with. This could mean what are the actions you are taking in your life to change yourself and help change the world. Political actions is extremely effective and necessary but please always remember that every little thing we do does add up; it does count. So don't ever be discouraged, just always try to do better :)

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I think being green means to consistently strive to be a better person to ourselves, and therefore to the world. What we do will change our immediate environment. And so, the whole world is affected by our little actions because it is the aggregate of these actions that make a difference. Plus if more people start to care about the little things, they tend to wake up and want to care about the bigger things. It's a natural evolution of our consciousness.

I would recommend taking some time out of your early evenings to kinda chill out, realign, remember to breathe, and absorb your environment. Then in you mellow state of mind just be open to exploring these questions. This is not meant to be a grill session or a time to make yourself feel guilty but really a time to just ask "Ok, what's really goin on here?", assess yourself, your views of the world, and hopefully find a compassionate view for everything. If you start to feel angry or frustrated, try to find a way to laugh about it instead. A way to do that is imagine what you are upset about is something one of your friends is doing. We tend to be more compassionate with our friends.

So this is not a one time deal where all of a sudden you say "I have it figured out!" and you're done for life. Do this daily until it becomes integrated into your normal thought process. Also, make sure that if you decide to do something, that you do it. Be nice with yourself, it's hard to break old habits. Keep a list of goals of what you're working on and come back to them when you take time for yourself and make sure you are getting them done. It just makes you feel good and it keeps you going. As I mentioned before, this is a path, a journey; make your new lifestyle of being green an adventure you've always dreamed of. New paths always take you someplace you never thought you could go :)

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