Become a Fan – Win a Gorgeous, Sustainable Emerald Necklace!

Calling all GreenGirls!

C5 company, just announced that if we can get 500 facebook fans by February 28, all fans will be automatically entered in a drawing to win the gorgeous, sustainable emerald pendant necklace shown below.

The eco-friendly necklace features a 1.4 carat Chatham, emerald-cut, deep green emerald gem in recycled 14K yellow gold on a 16″ 14K yellow gold chain. (Retail value = $1000).


Chatham is the leader in lab-created gems. The emerald featured in the pendant was produced above the earth’s surface in a laboratory, as opposed to below the surface of the earth by nature. Though it is physically and chemically identical to its mined counterpart, the lab-created gem is not marked by the same negative social and environmental impact as a gem that has been harvested from the earth. C5 company, a leader in sustainable fine jewelry, carries only the finest ethically sourced diamonds and gems including fair trade mined and lab-created.


Become a fan of C5 on facebook and tell your friends. By doing so, you are automatically entered in the drawing and are helping to support ethical and responsible jewelry practices.


Learn more about sustainable, ethical and responsible jewelry.

Contributor: Meghan Connolly Haupt is the founder of Sulusso, an online marketplace dedicated to sustainable luxury and has her own sustainable jewelry brand, C5 company


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