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With school days just around the corner, parents are starting the preparation process. Let's go over our "back to school" checklist.

by barnabywasson
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 - Affordable organic clothing  (Check)
 - Green your school supplies  (Check)
 - Organic meals & snacks for kids  (Check)

That should about cover it, except for one more thing. Preparing for the school cold attack. What do you have lined up to help prevent or ease that infamous school cold?

Prevention is best!
To avoid the stuffy nose nights, clinginess and discomfort of your preschoolers, we have to pay very close attention to the symptoms. I notice constant sneezing & sniffling. That's my cue to start juicing. Yes, I am guilty of loving The Juiceman because I believe in the health benefits of fresh fruits & vegetables.

I start with 2 oranges for the obvious benefits of vitamin C, but that's not what subsides the symptoms in a jiffy. A small nugget of ginger does the trick. I'm no doctor & can only speak form experience, but I've found ginger to be an effective remedy.

by JimReeves
Photo by JimReeves

What's the deal with ginger?
Ginger has been shown to stimulate circulation. The warmth it brings to the body corrects the surface chilliness associated with colds. It has been included in many herbal decongestants to help minimize the symptoms of respiratory conditions, colds and allergies. It feels similar to the warming effects of chicken soup but magnified!

Homeopathic options
Now, if you weren't able to stop it early enough, and you are now in the stages of riding out the cold, we suggest you call your local pharmacist and ask them what best fits your child. Our local pharmacist was quick to suggest over the counter medication, but I'm looking for something more natural to ease the discomfort. After digging, we found some natural products & their reviews.  Please Note: We do not promote or suggest any of the products listed below but more to show natural options available.

 - Hyland's Sniffles 'n Sneezes 4 kids.  Reviews
 - Boericke & Tafel Children's Cough & Bronchial Syrup Reviews
 - Nature's Way Umcka ColdCare Cherry Flavor Reviews
 - Improvita Health Products Get Better Bear Decongestant Cherry Reviews
 - Nature's Way Sambucol For Kids — Berry Flavored Review

Clearly, prevention is the best route but when your child is knee deep in the cold, research the best option to ease the discomfort. Patience pays off, too. Most colds are gone within 10 days. Good luck & have a healthy school year! 

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