Be a guest on our Celebrate Green! radio show

We're thrilled to be part of the Her Insight radio network and are enjoying talking with people who are all about sustainability in their personal lives and businesses. Our guests are entrepreneurs in the green sector making their marks and inspiring others to make changes for the sake of the people and the planet.

Celebrate Green! is live on the internet every Wednesday at 10 a.m. PST, then available by podcast on iTunes and on the radio site.

One of our first shows included the ultimate Green Girl and our fearless leader, Apple!

On today's show, we talked with events coordinator and eco-entertainer extraordinare, April Milliken Trigg, founder of Eventologie, whose fabulous green parties for companies like Coca Cola and Conde Nast as well as environmentally conscious organizations across the country, demonstrate how sustaniable events can be eco-friendly, innovative, exciting and comparable in cost to the typical corporate affair. 

Second up was Diane MacEachern author of The Big Green Purse. If you're interested in spending your money to make a difference, you've got to join her One-in-a-Million challenge whose aim it is to shift millions of dollars into companies and products that are on the sustainability train and away from those stuck on the track of waste and damage to the Earth.

April and Diane are just examples of the type of guests we're looking for. If you're a Green Girl with a message to spread, we'd love to help you do it on our show.

Check out our shows and contact us via our contact form at CelebrateGreen.NET with an intro to you and what you do.

And if you have ideas for guests you think we should invite, just let us know in the comment section here.

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