Be A Green Girl Guru!

The Green Girls invites you to be part of our team! We welcome ideas from all different perspectives, experiences and topics as long as they’re green! As a company and business owner, you can use this opportunity to talk about your expertise in the industry & the environmental issues around it.


All positions are part-time, volunteer, and typically flexible. In the mean time, we will do what we can to send internet traffic your way, as well as promote your name in the online world.


If you would like to be a Green Girl Guru please read the following guidelines:

1. Keep it to a green or environmental topic 2. Please don’t make your article a simple promotion of your business / product or someone else’s business / product. However, please feel free to add an informative paragraph at the end about yourself and a link to your site 3. Write between 250 and 500 words 4. Please send 2 or 3 appropriate pictures to go with the article, making sure you have permission to use them first! 5. Give the article a title Please do not send an article without following these guidelines.

If you do not follow all of the guidelines we will not be able to publish your article.

Finally, email your article & images to:

Open Positions:

Bloggers / Contributing Editors

We need you! Love to stay in the loop of green chic & eco style? Want to tell the world about what you’ve found? Perfect! The Green Girls need you!

We are ideally looking for a minimum contribution of one post per week. In order to apply, send a sample piece written specifically for us that is current, relevant to anything girl & anything green. It should have appropriate links to references & sources, as well as a title. Also include information about yourself that we can publish (including a link to your own website, if you have one). We may publish it immediately, with credit to you, or we may discuss some edits or other changes.

Send your first sample piece to apply!

Field Reporters (Attend Events!), Photographers, & Video Producers
Do you live in a cool city and want to (or already do) attend cool, green events? Great! We get invited to all sorts of cool parties, product launches, and red carpets.

Writers: For this position, writers will need to attend an event with their own digital camera (audio recorders and small video cameras also a plus), and provide a post-event write up for The Green Girls. Posts typically will need to be published within 12-24 hours of attending. A sample piece (as noted above in the blogger /contributing editor section) will be required to apply. See guidelines below, to apply.

One Timer: Don’t have the time but have a topic or two to send? Send to:

On Call Videographer ( Attend Events!)

For this position, videographers will need to attend an event with their own video camera to capture our field reporter’s interviews. To apply, send us a link with your current work. (i.e. Youtube channel, myspace or website) @

We will credit you, your company & website as the event’s videographer on the post-event write up as well as the final coverage post.

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