Be a big spender on Black Friday

I’m planning to spend big this Black Friday, but I won’t have to get up early, clip coupons, fight the crowds, or lug around armfuls of shopping bags. How am I going to do it?

On Friday, I’m going to sleep in, take a hike with the family, play board games and watch movies. And sometime throughout the day, I’ll get online and take the money I didn’t spend shopping on Black Friday and contribute it to charity. So instead of getting more stuff I don’t need maybe I can help feed some people, clean up the oceans, or fund research to cure disease. That sounds like a much better deal – no coupon required.

What I neglected to say in my last post, is that what I really do like about Thanksgiving is the being thankful part. So as my new Thanksgiving tradition, I’m going to make a list of all the things I am most thankful for, and on Black Friday, donate to charitable organizations that either fight to preserve those things (environmental organizations), or provide those things to other people (shelters and soup kitchens), or who protect the people I am most thankful for (children’s hospitals and charities).

With charitable giving down by almost 6% in 2008 and continuing to trend down this year, I’m hoping this is an idea that might catch on. To find trustworthy charitable organizations to contribute to, check out Charity Navigator.

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