Bachelorette Parties – The Green Way

Thinking about arranging a “bachelorette party” that leaves your gang feeling proud and capable instead of grumbling about hangovers and embarrassing memories? Check out these all-American Eco-friendly excursions where your crew can enjoy some good clean fun while making the world a little bit better place!

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Saving Instead of Paving Paradise

The spectacular trails on Maui wind through outstanding tropical scenery, but they require a lot of upkeep to remain serviceable in the tropical climate with all the rain, roots and rot. The Sierra Club of Maui organizes vacationing volunteers for day trips into the wilds armed with implements for clearing and maintaining trails. Along the way you score an expert guided tour from local ecologists and access to areas not mentioned in the tourists guides. For ocean lovers, the Pacific Whale Foundation organizes tour-boat like excursions for visitors to help identify and count the ever-growing number of humpback whales that turn the warm Maui waters into their wintertime nursery. During hatching season, the baby turtle vigil sponsored by the Hawaii Wildlife Fund seeks volunteers monitor the areas between the sea turtle’s nests and the shoreline to help the newborns make it safely to the ocean.

Ride ‘em Cowgirl!

Channel your inner tomboy at the Palomino Valley National Adoption Center in Nevada just twenty miles north of Reno. Here your gang can volunteer with the Wild Horse and Burro Volunteer Program to help with land management on the protected BLM lands where wild ponies still run free. Help raise some barns at the Wild Horse Ranch Rescue in Gilbert, Arizona, a haven for threatened Mustangs, Grand Canyon burros and abused domestic horses.

Walk with the Animals

Founded by an animal-lover extraordinaire, the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty welcomes volunteers to help them care for the huge variety of previously abused animals that now call this northeast Texas ranch in Murchison their home. From administrative duties to mucking stalls, there’s plenty to be done to help this worthy cause continue their sanctuary that holds the most diverse number of rescued animals in the world. Also on the premises is the Doris Day Horse Rescue and Adoption Center where seasoned equestrians are welcomed to help in the rehabilitation of abused and neglected horses seeking new homes and positions as qualified service companions.

Saving the Swamps

The delicate ecosystem of Florida desperately needs help to offset the trauma of development. Run a booth for the Save the Manatee Club or help keep tabs on the indigenous frog population as a volunteer for the North American Amphibian Monitoring Program. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission welcomes helpers for their Ridge Rangers Program where visitors can re-introduce endangered species into the wild and plant native seeds to encourage natural habitation.

After the Storm

The effects of Hurricane Sandy left a deep wound in the Eastern Seaboard and volunteer assistance is still a crucial part of the recovery. Check in with the New York Cares bulletin board to find out when and where to volunteer for park cleanup, boardwalk construction and beach revitalization. Join a gang of Green Guerillas to sneak around the Big Apple and transform ugly urban wastelands into beautiful flower gardens while wearing shirts with sayings like “Disappoint the tourists, make NYC beautiful!”

To learn more about the areas where your gal pals can make a difference, check out the state-by-state maps loaded with tips from locals and fellow travels on HostelBooker’s cool United Sharing Adventure site that welcomes you to post your photos, experiences and favorites for those who follow in your footsteps!


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