AWEARNESS: Where Fashion Meets Future

Designer Kenneth Cole has always captured my attention and compelled my admiration. His taste is impeccable, his designs classic, and his marketing mind a clever thing of beauty. His products ooze of quality craftsmanship, and timelessness.

One afternoon as I was stumbling around trying to find my new apartment on Elizabeth Street in Manhattan years ago, I looked up to see this gorgeous pair of legs showing off yet another pair of heels I could never afford with my meager starting salary. Although it was clear that he was selling shoes in this ad, he was also selling a vehicle and a voice toward change. Her ARMS reached as endlessly as her legs, and the words under this pair of shoes would forever alter the way I experience shoes and the way I strut my stuff.

Making a statement was something I could suddenly do anywhere at anytime, simply by daring to see a different point of view. Not only did he succeed in selling me his stilettos- he also sold me on the belief that change can occur anywhere, and at anytime, if you choose to see it is possible.

His style was more endearing to me because somehow by wearing it, I was also in on the smart, thoughtful and evocative world he represented.

In true form, he has published a collection of essays and conversations by people who are making a difference and making movements toward social change. For more info you visit
the AWEARNESS website, and maybe even get a copy for that special someone in time for Christmas.

In his words…


AWEARNESS is I am sure, every bit as classic, thoughtful and meaningful as everything else he touches, bravo Kenneth.

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