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   One of the most insightful books I came across while researching and writing my own book was The Hundred Year Lie by Randall Fitzgerald. This book clearly depicts how the chemical revolution, from its onset in the early 1900s, has culminated in a rapid decline in human health and detachment from our natural surroundings. The impact of this massive chemical experiment has affected our basic means of survival: FOOD.


There is a lot to be concerned about in today’s world but food security is at the top of list! Most of us have heard about the health benefits of eating organic but few associate the planetary challenges faced in relation to the food we eat. The recent release FOOD Inc. has slowly started to shift some of these perceptions. The companion book of the same title edited by Karl Weber also addresses some of the most pertinent correlations between what we eat and the impact those choices have on our planet. 


Choosing an organic lifestyle is one way we can help to ensure optimum health for ourselves and our children. Studies show that children who eat organic produce have lowered levels of pesticide residue in their bodies making them less susceptible to brain cancer, leukemia and birth defects.  The supposedly “safe” levels of pesticides sprayed on fruits and vegetables are based on the size and serving of an adult male, not a young child. By the age of six months children are exposed to thirty percent of their “total lifetime toxic load of chemicals. Synthetic chemicals in our food and environment bioaccumulate in our fatty tissues and organs resulting in increasing numbers of Americans, including children, diagnosed with cancer, diabetes and obesity.  As consumers, it is essential that we choose food that will promote health for us and the planet.


There is a growing movement being launched by small-scale organic farmers who are on the cutting edge of this technology to bring to market real food. It is called The Real Food Campaign. The goal is to establish new standards by growing food with high levels of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, antioxidants and trace minerals (matching or exceeding pre 1940 USDA mineral levels).  Well-balanced and biologically active soil plays an integral part in growing food that is both nutritious and delicious, while utilizing techniques and methods that are not harmful to the earth. Farmers who have an in-depth understanding of this are producing food that exceeds certified organic qualifications.


Nutrient dense, high BRIX foods taste better and are better for you.  They are sweet and full in flavor; they have a better shelf life and are pest and disease resistant; but best of all, they contain a measureable spectrum of vitamins and minerals that we as humans have been missing in our diets since corporate sponsored factory farming and crop mono-culture have taken over America decades ago. “If there had been a manual of civilization way back when, it might have read: Never start a ten-thousand-year epoch of agriculture-dependent civilization without first  understanding soil fertility, biodiversity, carrying capacity, and the relationship between economics and ecology.” – Woody Tasch, Inquiries Into the Nature of Slow Money: investing as if food, farms and fertility mattered.  




If you haven’t seen the film FOOD Inc. find somewhere near you showing it or pick up a copy and host a mini- film showing yourself! Gather some friends to watch the film together over a shared meal. Interesting conversation is sure to follow.  


Live in New England and interested in learning about how to grow nutrient dense foods? Sign-up for a workshop through The Real Food Campaign with long-time organic farmer, Dan Kittredge. The Growing Green Co-op will be hosting the first in a year long series starting January 24th, 2010. FOOD Inc. will be showed the Friday prior on Jan 22 at 6pm followed by a discussion and book signing with Karl Weber. 


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