Ask Diva: Bath Oil For Babies?

Dear Diva,

Do you have any suggestions for Bath oil for babies for dry winter skin? One we were using contains parabens :( Any suggestions? Help, Diva!

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Dear DuckDuckGreen,
Great question and one that a few friends have been asking about.

One friend who lives in Cold, Dry Eastern Canada has had good success with Petroleum Jelly, but really didn't like the "petroleum" part of that solution.

I was thrilled to tell her that Alba makes a product called Un-Petroleum Jelly, scores a 1 in the Cosmetics Database Same texture and results without the harsh ingredients!

I also feel comfortable suggesting products from Badger Baby – all of their product score a low 0-2 Alternatively, Earth Mama Angel Baby their entire line scores a 0, so you can shop with confidence!

Finally – I know a lot of mom's who have had great success using pure Olive or Almond Oil. I would probably choose Oil just in case of nut allergies. If you want to try almond oil, do a small spot test for allergies!

I hope that helps get your babies body baby soft!


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