ART & EARTH 2010

EARTH DAY: Thursday, April 22nd 2010 


WHAT: RAW and GREEN WAVE come together for a celebration of “Art & Earth” featuring a RAW:natural born artist showcase including a film screening, fashion show, musical performance and art gallery. GREEN WAVE will infuse eco-vendors, products and services to educate and showcase conscious living. Tickets are $10.  

WHERE: THE MAYA HOTEL 700 Queensway drive Long Beach CA

The setting is an outdoor waterfall grotto on the Long Beach Harbor. The courtyard encompasses the many art forms as well as an amazing setting for networking. 

WHEN: Thursday, April 22nd from 8pm-12am  

HOW DO YOU GET INVOLVED? RAW & GREEN WAVE are looking for eco-brands with alike values that would like to be present in the celebration. We would like to educate the event attendees and put tangible eco products in their hands.


-Inclusion in press campaign

-Inclusion in RAW & GREEN WAVE email campaign

-Inclusion on digital invite

-Feature on 

On-Site, April 22nd 2009

- Live Mentions by host

-Media Coverage by RAW Production company

-Product placement in 200 VIP gift bags

- Booth Space including table and 2 chairs with Linen 


- Inclusion in post-event press release

- Picture Coverage

- Post-Event Video Clip  

Sponsorships are only $50 and are a charitable donation to GREEN WAVE 501(c)3 non-profit environmental company.  GREEN WAVE: 

CONTACT: Janine Johnson I I Ph. 858.245.7679


WHAT IS RAW? RAW is a multi-faceted arts showcase that handpicks and spotlights talent from various sectors within the artistic realm: film, fashion, music, visual art, hair design, makeup artistry, modeling, DJing, photography and performance art. The RAW season runs from February to October, hosting 36 events in Los Angeles, Fullerton, Long Beach and Santa Monica.

Raw provides a platform for independent artists in Southern California to be seen, heard, and loved. RAW executes this through two main avenues: grassroots arts showcases which spotlight one artist in each of the categories, as well as through the exclusive web community. 

All RAW events are planned, promoted and produced eco-friendly

  • RAW purchases Carbon Offsets annually ( to cancel any carbon pollution from guests attending our events (don't worry, we've got you covered!)
  • RAW never prints a flyer.  All of our promotion is executed through online promotions, text messaging, and email.
  • When RAW does have to print, we print on recycled paper only.
  • . hosts the website, email server, and data files on 100% Solar Powered Energy provided by


WHAT IS GREEN WAVE? GREEN WAVE is a dynamic, eco-awareness 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded and run by Green Girl Guru, Janine Johnson.  GREEN WAVE is dedicated to establishing precedents for change and  redefining activism.  GREEN WAVE was conceived in 2006 and directly inspired by Gandhi's iconic quote "You must be the change you wish to see in the world".  The GREEN WAVE mission is to inspire waves of change by creating living examples focused on living consciously, peacefully, and harmoniously with the environment and with each other for the conscious well being of our planet. 
GREEN WAVE believes we can teach through example  to lead our future generations to a sustainable and harmonious future. GREEN WAVE serves like a non-profit life coach to both individuals as well as businesses to assist in strategies of not only how to incorporate sustainability (always starting with personal mindfulness) into daily activities and practices but how to inspire others to do the same. 
Although GREEN WAVE has its own charity projects, (i.e. sending kids to school, providing eco-education, saving sea turtles, forming an electronic music alliance, and assisting in the funding of eco-developments) GREEN WAVE can also collaborate with clients to create awareness initiatives, events, campaigns,  


Recycling and Waste Reduction: 
Guestroom recycling program 
Hotel operations recycling/composting programs 
Use of recycled paper products (toilet paper, tissue, copy paper, printed materials) 
Donation programs (towel/linen, furniture, uniforms, partially-used amenities) 
Leftover food donations to local charities

Energy Conservation: 
Regular HVAC maintenance 
Energy Star electrical equipment 
Use of renewable energy 
Energy efficient lighting

Water Conservation: 
Regularly check and repair water leaks (kitchen, bathrooms, exterior irrigation) 
Water efficient toilets and faucets 
Towel and linen reuse program

Pollution Prevention: 
Reduce use of harmful products (paints, landscaping chemicals, cleaning products) 
Reuse grease/oil, paint, and toner cartridges 
Recycle electronic equipment, light bulbs, and batteries 
Hazardous materials disposed through various hazardous waste vendors 
Organic, fair trade food and beverage available 
Encourage employees and guests to use public transportation

Carbon neutral 
Generate renewable energy 
Green Meetings 
Soy-based ink 
Community service – beach cleanup, donations to environmental organizations

To see specific green standards for each hotel, click here.

Learn more about Janine at Green Wave

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