An International Crowd of Summer Fun-Seekers Gather @ Universal Studios Hollywood

Summer Fun-seekers from all over the world migrate to Universal Studios Hollywood

Another fantastic experience this summer was a day trip to Universal Studios Hollywood where we joined an international crowd of fun-seekers. There is just something so exciting about being in a place filled with a variety of cultures all with the same goal — to have fun! As you may know, Universal Studios Hollywood is known worldwide as a ‘must see’ destination.  This was confirmed by some of my family members who came to visit from overseas and had Universal Studios Hollywood on top of their list.


Even with huge crowds, we were able to get on our favorite rides and watch some incredible shows. I wanted to share with you some techniques on how maneuver around Universal Studios Hollywood and get the most out of your visit even in huge summer crowds.

First of all, the Front of the line pass is a HUGE benefit on a visit during busy seasons. This is always a must when we hit the park.

Once you’re in, make sure take note of the park’s schedule. At the entrance, you’ll find the park directory that gives wait times for the popular shows and rides. There, you’ll also get instructions on how to access this information through your smart phone.

Once you have the schedule, go straight to the lower portion of the park (the long escalator down) where you’ll find the Jurassic Park Ride & Transformer 3D ride. Get on the rides  that are the most popular first. We are always able to get on these rides in record time using this approach.


As you can see below, on summer days, as the day progresses the lines get longer.


To beat the heat, misters are installed through the maze of lines and cooling stations are positioned throughout the park.


These cooling zones were a hit!


Once we’ve conquered the rides, we were able to take our time and enjoy the shows. The Water World Show (photographed below) is an all time favorite.

*** BONUS *** Remember, you’re allowed to bring fruits and vegetables to the park so you don’t have to sacrifice nutritious food during this particular vacay trip!

Hope you enjoy your visit to Universal Studios Hollywood as much as we do! Learn more at

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