An Afternoon w/ Vice President Gore, Senator Boxer & Influential People Fighting Against Global Warming

Dan Cashdan of Climate Community and Apple Levy of meets Vice President Al Gore, Senator Barbara Boxer & Influential People Fighting Against Global Warming

VP Al Gore, Dan Cashdan, & Apple Levy

On Saturday, February 12th, Dan Cashdan of Climate Community and I attended the 'Love the Planet' Valentine's Reception for Vice President Gore and Senator Boxer held at Laurie David's home. What an amazing afternoon!

VP Gore, Senator Boxer & Laurie David at Love the Planet' Valentine's Reception – photo via Apple Levy

At the event,  we met some incredible people; passionate about keeping the balance of our Eco system. We met Senator Barbara Boxer, Laurie David, founder of and producer of the Academy Award winner An Inconvenient Truth, Maggie Fox, CEO of The Alliance for Climate Protection, Congressman Brad Sherman and many many more individuals who are influential in political and environmental campaigns.

Vice President Al Gore         Senator Barbara Boxer  

We heard from Senator Boxer and was pleasantly surprised with what I learned.  Dan's post talks more about it here: Senator Boxer – a true conservative! We heard from Vice President Gore and he talked about his recent visit at Copenhagen. 

Watch the video of VP Gore at Copenhagen:

Like many people, I was inspired to take action by the film An Inconvenient Truth. Thus, was launched. What an incredible experience to shake the hands of Vice President Al Gore and to let him know that his work triggered what I do today.  It was a rare opportunity and I'm grateful to Dan Cashdan of the Climate Community for having me be part of it. 

Author: Apple Levy – Founder,


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