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A brand new company has recently launched with a revolutionary product called The Allay Relief Patch to help women reduce and eliminate menstrual-related pain without the use of chemicals or drugs. The product was originally used by plastic surgeons to help reduce pain and swelling after their patients' procedures, but these doctors soon found that the patches had multiple uses:

The Allay relief patch is a revolutionary, drug-free treatment for the pain and discomfort associated with menstruation. The product utilizes advanced state-of-the-art, battery operated microchip technology to deliver continuous electromagnetic therapy that quickly relieves edema, inflammation, pain and discomfort. The unit consists of a control module that contains the computerized microchip and battery, which is connected to a flexible loop that bends to meet the contours of a woman’s body. The control unit and loop are contained within a soft, hypoallergenic biodegradable sleeve that comfortably worn against the skin at the site of menstrual pain, cramping and discomfort. The technology on which the Allay Relief Patch is based is well proven in hundreds of scientific studies and papers.

For more information about the Allay Relief Patch, visit the company's new blog, and read the FAQ's.  You'll find that it is safe, comfortable, government-approved, and easy to use.  

As a promotional effort, the company is giving away 15 free kits to readers of  Each kit is valued at $39, and can be used for several months.  

If you suffer from menstrual pain and discomfort and would like to try one of these patches, please leave a comment below.  I will contact the first 15 people to reply with a comment for their mailing address, and sent their kit along with a small survey so that you can provide much-needed feedback to this young company. 

Natural, healthy, and pain-free.  Today's woman demands it all.




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