Large audience and social network:

  • Niche audience that consists of 350,000 + monthly page views and growing by 15% monthly + 400,000 monthly additional video views, through various video channels.
  • A growing social network of over 20,000.
  • Announcements are constantly re-tweeted by followers adding thousands of additional monthly tweets.
  • 110,000 Google impressions daily from TGG content.

Announcements circulate the web indefinitely

  • Announcements have no shelf life and will continue to drive an audience for months and even years to come.

Announcements indexed by major search engines within 48 hours and carry high keyword ranks

  • All Announcements can be found in all major search engines usually within 48 hours and are optimized for high keyword rankings! 

Track impressions and clicks to your Announcements in real time

  • Login and track impressions and clicks as they happen to determine how well your Announcements are performing.

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