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About The Green Girls

Founder: Apple Levy

About The Green Girls

Established in 2008, TheGreenGirls.com has been educating and inspiring Eco conscious living through pop culture and mass media. We are all about finding the fun in living green. With a contributor base of over 45 Eco professionals, Moms, Eco-prenuers and women worldwide, TheGreenGirls.com provides a slew of useful information in healthy green living.

Your thoughts & ideas are the foundation of The Green Girls. So leave a comment, share your opinions, and show us your passions. We’ll do our best to radiate it!

About The Founder:

Apple Levy is determined to find ways to live a fun, eco friendly life while inspiring friends along the way to do the same. Her goal is to educate & inspire through pop culture, social and mass media.

As a health advocate with a drive to help people live brighter and healthier lives, Apple Levy has always had the love & respect for our planet. She learned to love the Internet from her husband & found this to be a great outlet for her passions. [more]

The Green Girls Team

Mila AlturaMarketing Director – Mila Altura is a mom & eco lover, in charge of article promotions and marketing for new features & products on TheGreenGirls.com
Amanda “The Q” QuraishiContributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Amanda “The Q” Quraishi is a full time freelance writer, blogger, and activist with a passion for sustainable living, eco-fashion, women’s issues, and interfaith dialogue.
Monica Rodgers

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Monica Rodgers is the founder and CEO of Bits by Monica Rodgers, Inc, a pioneer in the children’s goods and parenting accessories markets.
Pace Webb

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Pace Webb is a gourmet diva leading an abundant life filled with her favorite things: food, travel, and wellness. Pace sees food as the key to health and well-being and revels in presenting it in such an accessible fashion. Learning and sharing knowledge are in the foreground of her life. Her experience with cancer as a teenager has helped to create Pace’s positive “can-do” attitude filled with gratitude that is apparent at all times.
Janine Johnson

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Foremost, Janine is a mystic, yogi, and dancer. She has a deep love for the culture of electronic dance music which she attributes to moving her life in a direction that continues to inspire her and which has shaped her life for the better. http://www.inspiringwavesofchange.org/
Wendy StrgarContributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Wendy Strgar is the owner and founder of Good Clean Love, manufacturer of all-natural love and intimacy products. Wendy is a sex educator focusing on Making Love Sustainable, a green philosophy of relationships which teaches the importance of valuing.
Nancy Astrid LindoContributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Nancy, principal at Astrid Design Studio, is an Eco Interior Designer and Green Consultant. She is an artist, designer and a lifelong environmentalist. She has her Interior Design degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, a Green Building Certificate from Sonoma State, and is LEED accredited.
Giannina Lezcano

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. My name is Giannina Lezcano. I was born in Encarnacion but I’m currently living in Asuncion, Paraguay where I manage the family business. I started making my own clothing at a very young age. I was inspired when my mom bought me my first sewing machine at the age of 6.
Vanessa Crosbie

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Want to see what happens when an Upper East Side Manhattanite leaves the corporate world after 10 years for greener pastures? Well, stay tuned.
Nicole Facciuto

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Nicole Facciuto has been a professional designer for over a decade working in interior design, landscape design and event planning. She currently owns and operates her own bi-coastal design firm, Nicole Facciuto Design in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, specializing in custom residential environments.
May Hsu

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Licensed in California since 2004, May Hsu has successfully sold from condominiums to luxurious estates in the San Gabriel Valley. As the real estate market downturns in 2007, she realize that as the market is changing, she need to change as well. It was either to change her career, or her mindset. Frustrations from builders’ arrogance, unsold inventory, mortgage crisis, and distressed clients has led her to a path of self discovery, and wonders “Am I really delivering the American Dream of home ownership?”
Deana Bracken

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com.Deana, founder & CEO of Green with Glamour™, a top online “eco” boutique for fashion, home furnishings & gifts, LOVES living the good “green” life! Based in Los Angeles, she gave up a career producing television to focus full time on promoting the concept of environmentally-sound living with no sacrifice of style! In early 2007, after searching in vain for a chic shopping resource for all things sustainable, Deana fulfilled her desire for high style, hippie-free designs and launched GwG.
Lynn Colwell and Corey Colwell-Lipson

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Lynn Colwell and Corey Colwell-Lipson, are mother and daughter and co-authors of Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions for the Whole Family. The also are speakers and consultants, helping individuals and organizations make their special events greener for the sake of people and the planet.
Beth Whitfield

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Beth Whitfield is an expert in Interior Design + Eco Design + Sustainable Construction.Yes, I used the “E” word. Eco is not as scary as you think. People who are concerned about the environment come from a lot of different backgrounds. I love trees but I don’t spend that much time hugging them. I am not a huge fan of camping. I don’t have dreadlocks. I don’t weave my own clothes out of hemp. But I am still concerned with the state of the environment and am passionate about making a difference. My goal is to do things within my power to make the earth a better place. http://www.ecostyledesigner.com/
Allison Huke

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Allison is a former president and co-founder of an online green retail company and current full-time mom to two adorable kids and two “pound puppies”. She and her family (including handsome hubby) feel fortunate to live in a beautiful suburb of the OC where kids take over the streets in the afternoon and neighbors still hang out outside and actually talk to each other. http://twitter.com/ocgreenmama
Bianca Alexander, Esq.

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Bianca Alexander, Esq. is the CEO and Creative Director of Conscious Planet Media, a TV, film and video production company dedicated to telling inspirational stories about the businesses, organizations and people that are changing our world for the better.
Meghan Connolly Haupt

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Meghan Connolly Haupt began her career in sustainability in 2000 as the founding director of CSRwire, a communication service devoted to corporate social responsibility. With her latest venture, C5 company, Meghan is using jewelry as the platform by which she seeks to help consumers align their purchasing decisions with their values.
Monica S. Flores

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. An author, advocate, and changemaker, Monica S. Flores is principal at 10K Webdesign, where she is passionate about educating, empowering, and connecting women of color. Her company specializes in building websites for membership organizations, consultants, wholesalers and nonprofits.
Katherine DalPra

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Kathy is an eco-enthusiast and owner/designer for Green Diva Jewelry, a fashion and bridal jewelry boutique featuring sustainable designs handcrafted using recycled, reclaimed, renewable and fair trade materials.
Beth Doane

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Beth grew up surrounded by nature and wildlife on a small farm in rural Ohio and created Andira in 2005 as a fashion import and distribution company. Through launching international fashion brands, Beth experienced the growing need and potential for environmentally conscious design and apparel production and was inspired to create her own line: The Andira Rain Tee Collection.
Tania Reuben

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Tania is a wife and mother living in Los Angeles, CA. She spends her days chasing toddlers, nights being chased by her husband and in all her spare time she writes for Pure Natural Diva. She founded http://www.purenaturaldiva.com/ to share information on Whole Living with Style and Ease early in 2009.
Charmaine Leah

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Charmaine Leah is a professional esthetician and skin therapist with a deep passion for beauty and living a natural lifestyle. As a health advocate for safe cosmetics, she founded Glamology.com with the notion that glamor and eco-friendly are not mutually exclusive. Her passion is helping people look and feel great in a way that is healthy, balanced, and responsible.
Jasmine “Jaszy” McAllister

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Originally from New Jersey, Jasmine “Jaszy” McAllister holds a degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology. After a short stint in the US Army, she moved to Florida where she started her jewelry business, Jaszy’s Jewelry. She features her eco-conscious jewelry designs at www.jaszy.com, where she also shares her fetish for eco-fashion couture.
Allisyn Cashdan / Climate Community

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. The ClimateCommunity is operated and funded by Dan and Allisyn Cashdan. TheClimateCommunity.com was created to inspire individuals of all ages across the planet to communicate and share their concerns about our most vital resource “Planet Earth”.

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Imani is mother of 6 who not only talks about how to “go green” but demonstrates it in the way she & her family live their lives. She is a visionary midwife birthing a new world with other moms around the world. http://www.mamalution.com/
Lynn Hasselberger

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Lynn Hasselberger is the founder of myEARTH360.com, an online resource for eco-tips plus eco-friendly products from the practical to the eco-chic. A portion of all sales is donated to the National Environmental Education Foundation.
Stacy Walters

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Stacy Walters is a Registered Kinesiotherapist and Master Gardener with a passion for green living! The development of Stacy’s brainchild, Fit to Garden™ , is the result of the fun-loving blend of her enthusiasm for her profession and love affair with nature.
Eda Benjakul

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Eda Benjakul is a television producer working on network competition reality shows on a journey of enjoyable, healthy & conscious eating. http://edamame2003.blogspot.com/
Vanessa Boshoff

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Vanessa Boshoff is an television host, wildlife naturalist, producer and world traveler. http://www.wildernessa.com/
Laura S. Rankin

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Laura is the co-founder of Green with Envy Events, a full service event, design and production company that strives to create distinctive, artistic celebrations that incorporate green elements.
Rachel Avalon

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Rachel Avalon is an expert in holistic nutrition, detoxification, and eco-living. She shares her insight through private sessions, published articles, lectures, local and national shows, as well as emceeing LOHAS events.
Carlee Gerardi

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Carlee Gerardi is the co-founder of Green with Envy Events, a full service event planning company whose mission is to create distinctive events that leave a lasting impression on the guests, not the planet.

Contributing Editor / Green Chef Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Natalia is the chef/owner of Glowing Temple, a raw and living foods inspiration, creation and education service. A long time foodie, Natalia discovered the excitement of the raw lifestyle, from gourmet dishes to health and beauty benefits. She creates recipes focusing on local, seasonal ingredients and never compromises when it comes to organics.
Jacquelyn Richey

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Jacquelyn Richey, Creator and Chief ChakWaver of ChakWaveseven organic juices to invigorate your Chakras! www.ChakWave.com Jacquelyn spent her youth hay bale hop-scotching, creek swimming, and tree climbing on a working Texas ranch dedicated to sustainable practices outside the bustling metropolis of Bluff Dale (population: 300).
Jenna Scatena

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Jenna is a journalist and the style assistant at San Francisco magazine. She first started writing about the environment for her college’s indie magazine, Buzzsaw, and hasn’t stopped since. http://www.jennascatena.com/
Katherine McKenney

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Katherine McKenney is a natural beauty blogger who lives in London and gets around on her bike all the while maintaining fabulous hair. Katherine is the London Correspondent and Natural Beauty Writer for JolieNadine.com and occasionally guest blogs wherever there is a need for some eco-beauty advice like over on The Beauty Schooled Project.
Emily Enderle

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Emily Enderle is the environmental health advocate in the Washington D.C. office of Earthjustice, the nation’s largest environmental non-profit law firm. Emily works to uphold and strengthen environmental statutes that protect people from dangerous pollutants, including arsenic, mercury and greenhouse gases.
Laurie and Tiff Vukich

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Nature’s Knockout was created by the mother/daughter celebrity hair and makeup team, Laurie & Tiffany.
Linda Veråsdal

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Linda Veråsdal is passionate about responsible and green travel and to use tourism as a tool to create better places for people to live in and for people to visit. Linda has for several years been working in tourism and holds a master degree in Responsible Tourism Management. http://www.ethicaltravelportal.com
Julie Skon

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Julie Skon lives in Santa Barbara, CA with her husband and two young children. She enjoys scouring the local farmers markets for fresh, organic fruit and ingredients to mix up delicious juices by day and organic cocktails by night (after the kids go to sleep, that is). http://www.organicfitbar.com/
Tracy Lydiatt

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Tracy Lydiatt is an award‐winning sustainability adviser, educator and #1 Amazon.com bestselling author passionate about green/sustainability empowerment and change. Tracy is the recipient of the 2011 Woman of Worth ‐ Sustainable Living award and her book, Your Green Family Blueprint, won Best eBook and Finalist in Current Affairs/Social Change categories of the 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Her book has also won runner up at the 2011 San Francisco Book Festival and received honorable mention at the 2011 Green Book Festival, both in the “How To” category. http://www.thegreenfamiliesguru.com/
Brenna Donoghue

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Brenna Donoghue is the President of Marketing, Ethical Ocean. My love for the outdoors and the planet was sparked as a kid – summers of camping on the Canadian shield and swimming in the Great Lakes, winters spent skiing and tobogganing (and the many bruises that came with them), and year-round cruising the neighborhood on my bright red bike all played a part.
Mindy Perez

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Mindy is a former MAC addict turned natural beauty expert, eco-preneur, mom of 3, and GREEN GIRL. As the founder of EVOKEElegance.com, an online Eco beauty boutique with a unique selection of “organically couture cosmetics”, she has vowed to bring you only the very best pure, ethical, non-toxic, chemical free and green products from organic and natural brands safe for your entire family.
Amanda Hammond

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Amanda Hammond is the owner of Ready or Not- A Baby Planning Service where she helps women to achieve healthy pregnancies by providing stress relief and structure for them. She is also a GreenBirth educator and blogger and loves doing both.

Contributing Editor / Green Guru for TheGreenGirls.com. Stitchless is for people that want to make clothes but don’t have the time or the skills to do complicated dressmaking.
Katrina Roberto
Katrina Roberto is a marketing rep at http://www.ethicaldeal.com whose aim is to make green mainstream. EthicalDeal is Canada’s leading green deal site, helping you find alternatives and useful green living tips. Katrina loves giving old jewelry a new life http://www.etsy.com/shop/FruitfulWhimsies by designing new creations from old scraps. She currently resides in beautiful Vancouver with her partner and massive kitty.
Britta AragonBritta Aragon, safe cosmetics expert, author and entrepreneur, discovered her passion for safe self-care while caring for her father during his eight-year battle with cancer. A survivor herself of Hodgkin’s disease, she founded Cinco Vidas in 2008, and dedicated her work to her father’s legacy. The Cinco Vidas blog serves as a robust information source and her book, When Cancer Hits, guides the newly diagnosed. CV Skinlabs™ offers safe, non-toxic products to soothe and repair sensitive skin. Britta raises awareness about safe self-care through her blog, media interviews, speaking engagements, and seminars, and by supporting other like-minded organizations.
Ivy Joeva 

Ivy is passionate about discovering and sharing tools for cultivating harmonious relationships with ourselves, as well as each other and the global community (including Mother Earth).  She holds a degree in Psychoneuroimmunology (fancy speak for mind/ body medicine) from UC Berkeley, and became a DONA certified Birth Doula in 2009.  She uses the process of childbirth as a model for giving birth to the most powerful version of ourselves, as well as anything one wishes to create in life. Learn more about Ivy at www.ivyjoeva.com

ADS Management, LLC Team
ADS Management, LLC is a great support system of Technology Engineers, Web Gurus & Graphic Designers for TheGreenGirls.com


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