Abbot Kinney Festival – Green and Fun!

The Abbot Kinney Festival in Venice Beach, California is one of my favorite local events. One day a year they block off the street and bring in tons of musicians, food trucks and local craft vendors. It’s a great opportunity to shop, listen to some music and eat some yummy food all while catching up with your neighbors. There is something for everyone here from the beer gardens to the eco-gardens for the kids. I’ll be volunteering at the Kids Quad helping the little ones make planters out of newspapers, so bring the kids down or just stop by and say hey!


In case you end up hanging out all day and your cell phone runs low on juice, no worries just jump on the Energy See-Saw and charge up your phone, camera or ipod. It’s so Ed Begley Jr., I love it! It’s provided by Global Inheritance and located in front of Joe’s Restaurant.


Parking near Abbot Kinney can be challenging, so save yourself some time, gas and the headache of parking by riding your bike down. They will have a bike valet and the first 500 people to check their bikes in will get a free re-usable bag from Whole Foods!


I’m happy to hear that the Festival is Going Green! Event coordinators have made great efforts to make it an environmentally and socially responsible event, while reducing their ecological footprint.

(1) They encourage food vendors to provide biodegradable utensils and attendees to bring reusable utensils, shopping bags, and beverage containers to avoid excessive waste.

(2) They strive to be paperless as much as possible. Our registration is online and publicity materials are distributed electronically. Other items are designed with reuse in mind such as our festival program guides, which are printed using recycled newsprint and soy-based ink.

(3) Everything that can be recycled is done so to the best of their ability. Bins are placed throughout the festival for use by attendees and vendors. Banners are either constructed using recycled materials or designated for recycling or repurposing.

(4) They urge attendees to use greener modes of transportation. Use our bike valet stations, carpool with friends, walk from nearby parking lots, or take the bus.

(5) Music stages are powered with biodiesel generators.

(6) An artistic display of 30 mini-recycling bins will be shown.

(7) There will be a bike-powered video game station

Also, Electric Lodge Ave and Electric Ave), one of the nation's first solar-powered performing and visual arts facilities, will host one of the bike valet stations, a display of the new electric Tesla Roadster, and will serve as the venue for The Food Rendezvous, a gathering of food lovers, which focuses on locally produced artisan food products and will include tastings, demos, displays, and talks by local artisans, chefs, farmers, and food writers.

Two friends passionate about food, sustainability, and local production decided to take things into their own hands by founding The Food Rendezvous Laurie Dill and Dominique Leveuf seek to create a joyful place for celebration of the beauty and bounty of locally produced food. In addition to a demonstration garden, they will have demonstrations and talks by the following speakers:

There is so much going on at the festival this year you can’t go wrong by stopping by this Sunday. See you there!


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