A stunning, sliding house… an architectural feat!

Ok, I know we’re in a depressi-recession, but a girl can dream, right?   Get a load of the sliding house by London-based firm dRMM Architecture!  Made up of 3 layered buildings arranged along a longitudinal axis, the outer “shell” slides back and forth, offering its residents great flexibility with the look and functionality of the building.  


With the outer shell slid all the way to one end, the homeowners have a covered pool area and a wonderfully exposed living space.  Slide the shell to the other end and the living space becomes completely enclosed while the swimming pool is once again fully outside, water warmed by the sun.  Stop the shell anywhere in the middle and you can brighten the Living Room while keeping the Master Suite cozy & dark. 


The super sunny side of this entire brillsville design is that the mobility of the shell gives the homeowners great control over their interior climate, manipulating the heating and cooling loads of the house – in turn lowering their energy usage.  Brava, dRMM!

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