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Thank you for all the wonderful questions you sent me over the past month. They ranged from transforming nurseries to selecting wall colors.  Regardless if it’s hot and humid or below freezing temps outside, I believe everyone should have a warm and sexy bedroom. One question clearly stood out to help you achieve this goal.

“I need ideas for a DIY headboard for $100 or less.” – Carrie (Concord, CA)

Here are three design directions to suit your taste and skill level.

Nic’s Tip #1:

Placemats are not just for your dining room table.

 placemat_headboard Think outside the box and use a common household item in an unexpected way. Make a headboard using placemats!  This is a fantastic way to create a textural focal point in your bedroom.


Find either a bamboo, cork, woven, or a three dimensional placemat at a local retailer. You’ll need roughly 45 to do a floor to ceiling queen-sized headboard depending on your ceiling height. I suggest 5 rows wide and 9 tall. All you have to do is tack the placements into place with small nails or even a staple gun. Just be sure the fasteners are hidden when you secure them. The end result makes such a strong impact in your bedroom, no one will ever know they’re placemats!

Try: Pier One . Target . Cost Plus

Floor to ceiling placemat headboard.

Nic’s Tip #2:

Paper Bags: Free

 leather_sample  Glue: $3
Leather Headboard: Priceless

Make a faux leather headboard. This is an easy DIY project for the entire family. The finished product is an ultimate “wow factor” perfect for any bedroom. All you need is a sheet of FSC certified plywood or luan cut to fit your bed size, paper grocery bags, Elmer's glue and a paint brush. FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council. For more information go to www.fscus.org.

Dresser covered with paper bags and antique glaze.


Mix 1 part glue to 2 parts water in a container. Tear up your grocery bags and decoupage them onto the wood, making sure to layer and wrap edges of headboard. Pieces can be as big or small as you like. Paint a layer of glue mixture on the wood first, then lay the paper down and finish with another coat of glue mixture on top. It will tend to wrinkle, this is normal. Make sure you place the paper graphic side down. Once paper is dry you may antique with a water based stain in any color and seal with a water base sealer. Mount headboard directly to wall with either nice looking screws into studs or a cleat. (A cleat is a 2×4 ripped lengthwise at a 45 degree angle. One half is mounted to the wall, the other to the headboard)

Nic’s Tip #3:

Fabric is your friend.

 fabric_headboard    This is a simple project to create a warm and luxurious feel in your bedroom. You’ll need a sheet of FSC certified plywood, an electric staple gun, organic batting and fabric.


Cut plywood to desired size. Wrap and staple batting to plywood. For extra cushion you can always mount foam to plywood and then cover with batting. Staple the fabric working from the middle outwards. Make sure to pull wrinkles out of the fabric as you go. I recommend purchasing a duvet cover for the fabric because you only use one half. That way, if you ever need to replace the instillation (or you make a mistake!), you have the other half of the cover available.

Fabric upholstered headboard.

 jersey_bedroom_fabric  Method:

Use cleat to mount to wall. Another option is to cover the entire wall or outer side of bed with fabric. Secure a 1×4 along the top of wall. Staple and pleat fabric across length of room. Hot glue coordinating trim to cover staples. If fabric is not too heavy, you can also staple directly to your walls. Try purchasing ready made curtains as a cost effective alternative to unfinished fabric.

Pleated fabric side panels with center block of color.

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