A Night With The Local Greenies

We love meeting & shaking hands with fellow greenies! Last night we got our fix. We attended a Green Business Networking event held at the award-winning, sustainable Ambrose Hotel  in Santa Monica, CA.  The ambience was chic, the organic chardonnay, buttery & the company, an interesting bunch!
We  hang out too much with the boys of CreativeCitizen.com, but they host such great parties. Can't help it! Other hosts for the event also included Pink Cloud Events, The Vector Group, Enright Premier Wealth Advisors and Greenopia.

                                                                                      Argam and Scott from CreativeCitizen.com

It was a pure networking event for owners and decision-makers of LA's green businesses. Here are just some of the greenie folks we met.
Ferris from Greenopia.com. Greenopia.com is a local green living guide. They set out to create a directory of Eco-friendly retailers, services, and organizations and conducted extensive research on those that are listed in the guide. They literally show up at business locations and checks off a list to see if you are Eco enough to get on the guide. It takes approximately 4 months and 20 researchers to complete a city. Talk about dedication!

May from GorgeousAndGreen.net. May is an Eco Broker & video blogger.  She helps and educates on how to buy, sell & remodel a green home in Los Angeles.

Check out one of her videos of modern green living.

By the time the wine kicked in, I met, hip & cool, Alejandro & Chris from GreenLabDesigns.com. GreenLabDesigns.com is a full service Eco-friendly event agency. They offer creative development, design, promotional and marketing events and full production services. Check out the amazing design gallery!

                                                                               Alejandro and Chris from GreenLabDesigns.com

Utilizing my snooping skills, I managed to get the scoop on their future projects in the pipeline. Here's an exclusive line up!

Sundance Film Festival – January 15th-25th, 2009, Park City Utah
The project will include:
 - Design & provide several Eco lounges with organic accessories & furniture.
 - Design & provide an Eco dining villa for up to 50 guest serving all organic cuisines, non-alcoholic drinks, wine, the works!
Super Bowl XLIII -  February 1st 2009, Tampa Bay, Florida
The project will include:
 - Producing a massive green space for Super Bowl XLIII
 - Custom design furniture and accessories using all sustainable materials. 

And that's just the agenda for the 1st quarter of 09'! Big projects to take on but with past clients like Absolut, VeeV, Sky and Virgin America, these guys have the smarts, experience & confidence to get the job done with Eco-chic flair.
The best part of TheGreenGirls.com are the friends we've met along the way. It is so refreshing to be part of a community where everyone is willing to openly share ideas & advice on how we can be better.
Not too long from now, we will be craving for another event. So, if you have suggestions email us at Events@TheGreenGirls.com.  You can also check out our events page to see if there are any green events you might like to attend.

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