A Magic Finish: World Globe Tour

Last year, Green Wave started a campaign to raise funds for the purchase of world globes for 25 elementary schools in Costa Rica. The slogan "You can make a World of a Difference". Half of the funds were raised at The Green Girls Holiday Spectacular last December.

Janine at Cobano public school, Costa Rica

Little Feet Nursery, Costa Rica

I was to go back to Costa Rica in May and I was hoping to fulfill the rest of the campaign although I had no fundraisers planned. For Earth Day this year I knew I was going out to New York. I had offered my girlfriend Tess a free plane ticket to join Ken and I at a fundraising party for CoSM, Alex & Allyson Grey's new eco-artist retreat center. Ken was dj'ing the event.

Ken & the crystal skull (a real crystal skull!)

Tess and best friend, Belly dancer Sedona

Belly dancer Sedona

Allyson Grey

 Alex Grey

Tess is a close and long time friend. I call her my sister. She will actually be marrying Ken and I this coming September! Tess is an intuitive counselor, energy worker, feng shui consultant, and speaker. She has appeared on the Bravo TV show Flipping Out and her writing has been featured in Llewellyn’s Magical Almanac and New Witch magazine. She's also a vegan and an avid animal rights activist. She has also become increasingly eco-minded in the past few years and expresses her eco-ambassadorship in her monthly newsletters. She was so grateful to go to this party for free she asked how she could give back.

Tess Whitehurst — Sign up for her free monthly newsletter, visit her online at www.tesswhitehurst.com.

Ken and the girls, Tess and belly dancer Sedona

Ken and Janine


I told her it would be nice to offset her travel by supporting one of the Green Wave campaigns. I believe offsetting can come by means of environmental education in addition to conservation, reforestation, and investment options. She agreed and funded the rest of the World Globe campaign.

Mary from Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary at Esperanza public school

Green Wave and Rainsong with the children in Cobano

Green Wave is so appreciative and magical to us. Tess is a great example of what we call a "living example" for a sustainable future. Because of Tess, I was able to purchase the rest of the world globes and personally deliver several on my last stay in Costa Rica, the rest to be delivered by my non-profit partner Mary founder of Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary. The globes serve to give these kids literally a world perspective as many of the kids had only been exposed to maps of Central America. A global perspective is integral to the environmental education of these children so they understand why they should protect the amazing biodiversity and natural resources their country contains. Tess truly made a "world of a difference".

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