A few notes on recycling

This is for anyone living in a single family residential home. Did you know you can throw food scraps into the green bin? If you haven't gotten into composting yet, this is much easier. For both people living in apartments or single family homes … styrofoam is recyclable here in L.A. now (has been for awhile but it does not seem like everyone knows so I am just sending this out in case you don't know, and reminding those that do).

  If you live in apartments and don't have recycling, please put pressure on your management to start! In L.A. there is a company called Chrysalis that you can refer your management to. If management is slow to start or won't budge … figure out a way to start your own recycling program.

Freecycle Network
For junk and old clothes you can always try to bring it to a store such as the Salvation Army or check out Freecycle. You never know who may want your old treasures.

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