A BIC Pen Chandelier – The Ultimate Piece of Re-usable Chic!

I mean… have you ever?!?  I've reached the point where the flimsiness, short lifespan and inexcusably wasteful makeup of "disposable" pens angers me, but now my temper has waned (just a bit).  Behold the gorgeous and completely brillsville "Volivik" ceiling lamp by Italian effort en Pieza estudio.  Handmade of scads of old "Bic Biro" pens, the fixture is elegant, cheeky and super "eco" all at the same time!

Also available in smaller sizes and in that super throw-back dark yellow Bic!  You remember the one…
So order yours now (pretty spendy at $1000)… or start cleaning out your drawers and get cracking with your own creativity!

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