6 simple tips for a successful juice fast

Tips for a succesful juice fast

As a beginner, the juice fasting process is not easy, but with preparation and the tips we provide here, you’ll be on your way to a succesful juice fast! 

Here are some tips that helped me through my juice fast journey.

Also, check out our daily video log while on the juice fast that includes daily tips! Day 1 Video, Day 2 Video & Day 3 Video

First, the benefits:

  • Detox – Juice fasting cleanses your
    body and digestive system of toxins. The nutrients you take in also boost
    your immune system.
  • Weight Loss – Fasting with fruits and
    vegetables will give you nutritious calories while dropping pounds.
  • End Cravings – Through juice fasting,
    I was able to get rid of the caffeine, sugar and other junk food cravings.
  • Clarity & Wellbeing – Disconnecting
    from food gives a person free time to think clearly about other
    things. You’ll find yourself using this time to improve.

Tips for a successful juice fast:

  • Planning is everything. Prepare for
    the week. Once making the decision to fast, we cleared out our fridge and
    lined up the fresh produce for the week
  • Start right. Start with the
    most nutritious juice. I find that I am most motivated in the
    morning and the “Mean
    ” recipe is delicious in the morning.
  • Variety is the spice.  A
    variety of juice recipes make the fasting process enjoyable.
    With the “Mean Green” drink polished in the morning, I thoroughly
    enjoy a watermelon and strawberry juice for lunch.


  • Slowing Down. If you are a gym buff,
    understand that you will not have a lot of energy to work out during the
    fasting. You can plan walks, yoga, or a casual bike ride for your workouts.
    This will also keep your mind off of food. Take this time to slow down your
    body and your mind.
  • Recruit a partner.  Everything
    is easier when you do it as a team. My husband and I went on this first
    fasting journey together and it was actually fun — congratulating each
    other every night for each day we complete.
  • Do your homework. Research and
    educate yourself to make sure that this is for you. If you have health
    conditions, make sure to check with your doctor before any major diet

The length of time to juice fast depends on you. We went on our fast for 5 days and transitioned to juicing twice a day with a raw vegan dinner. Today marks the beginning of our fourth week. Within this short period, I’ve developed a heightened sense of wellness, clarity and lost 9lbs. Awesome!

A special thanks to @JoetheJuicer for his documentary that jump-started our decision to fast. However you arrive to the decision of fasting, know that your body will thank
you for it.

More juicing tips here!

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