5 Ways to Green Your NYE

By the end of this week, presents will have been opened, families will have been visited and our attentions will turn to the closing of the year.  Often times, New Years Eve sneaks up on us; overshadowed by other holiday plans.  And although this year you may have opted for last year’s wrapping paper remnants over new (possibly to the sound of heckling if you’re family is as traditional as mine) and done your part to make the season a little less wasteful, your work doesn’t have to end there.  New Years Eve presents a great opportunity to make more conscious choices.  Check out these 5 easy tips for how you can make NYE a little greener.



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1.  Carpool

If you’re intending to celebrate with a group of friends or family, chances are, everyone will be driving to a common location.  Regardless of where the festivities will happen, you can scale back on drive time by organizing a carpool.  Not only will this cut overall gas guzzling within the group, but it will present an opportunity to designate one driver as the sober one…keeping everyone as safe as possible.  TIP:  Try to be at your destination early…before 7pm…to avoid being on the road with drunk drivers.  If you can possibly stay the night at your destination, even better.


2.  Pick Your Not-So-Poison

If you plan to enjoy a few cocktails on NYE, opt to stock your bar with organic varieties so as to contribute to overall consumer demand for all things pesticide-free.  Here are a few brands you might look into:

VODKA: Square One, Rain, TRU, Vodka 14

GIN:  CapRock, Juniper Green

TEQUILLA: 4 Copas, Leyenda Azul, Casa Noble

RUM:   Papagayo

WHISKEY:  Highland Harvest , Benromach

BEER: Peak, Wolaver’s, Bison Brewing

WINE: The Organic Wine Company (online retailer), Frey Wine, 67 Wine (online retailer)


3.  Snack Locally

NYE parties often skip the meal and opt instead for a wide array of snacks and munchies, which often involved a colorful selection of cheeses, potato chips, veggie trays, jelly or sausage with crackers and the like.  Many of these items can be found at your local farm; whether produce, dairy or meat.  If you have a mom and pop grocer nearby that buys from local farmers, this is a great all-in-one place to start.  If not, do a little digging and call up the nearest farms to find out if you can source some of your appetizers directly from them.  Not only will you be cutting down on emissions associated with your food, you’ll be supporting your local economy and building a relationship with a great source of food for future grocery trips.


4.   You, Remade

Still wondering what your going to wear to that cocktail party?   If you’re eco-savvy, there will be no need to drop a few hundred on a brand new dress.  Instead, call up your local tailor or seamstress and see if (s)he can’t refashion that old bridesmaid gown collecting dust in your closet.  You’d be amazed what a few slight modifications can do.  To take it from formal to semi-formal, crop the length to just below the knees.  Any cut fabric can be used to create a makeshift shawl or cap sleeves.  Ask your tailor for ideas or bring in a few photos from magazines of dress styles you like to get the NYE look you want…without new consumption.


5.   Reuse

NYE celebrations often involve a quick trip to the party store, where noisemakers, streamers, hats, confetti and other odds and ends are plentiful.  The problem?  Post party, these fun toys usually end up in the trash only to add a little bulk to the closest landfill.  So, instead of tossing out these playful trinkets after the Midnight harrah, walk around with a collection box and ask guests to drop their toys in to be reused at next year’s event.  Not only will it reduce overall waste from the party, it will also save you a few bucks come next year’s celebration.


About the Author

Katherine an eco-enthusiast and owner/designer for Green Diva, a sustainable jewelry boutique.



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