5 Shocking Recycling Practices

1) Recycling beef carcass into plastic

Canadian scientists have devised a way that allows them to turn left over beef carcass into plastic. Currently in the development stages, scientists at the University of Alberta are working with industries to try and implement these beef plastics into car parts, CD cases and other structural materials.


2) Recycling cigarette butts into clothing

Chilean designer Alexandra Guerrero has been experimenting with what just may be the last thing anyone would think of as clothing material: cigarette butts.



3) Recycling water, urine or any liquid to charge a battery

Incredibly, these batteries also work with other types of liquid: we saw them tested with beer and apple juice, but the makers say they can run off cola, saliva or even urine.



4) Recycling foreskin into anti aging product

Vavelta is a clear liquid derived from baby foreskins, donated by mothers whose babies have just been circumcised. The liquid is injected into adult skin damaged by acne or burns.



5) Recycling human hair as flour additive for bread making

An animal-based flour additive called L-Cysteine is an amino acid which is used as a flour improver. L-Cysteine is produced from feathers, pig bristles and sometimes even human hair. These days L-Cysteine can also be produced synthetically but apparently human hair remains one of the richest sources of this amino acid – it makes up about 14% of your hair – and there is a small industry in China making the additive from hair clippings.



Know of more shocking recycling practices? Tell us about it!

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