5 Family Friendly #EarthDay Activities

Earth Day is a great

holiday to get the kids involved
. Here are some fun activities to celebrate
this special day.




1. Garden with kids. This is a great time to teach kids where salad comes
from! Check out this fun
kid's indoor gardening kit. This is also a wonderful opportunity to
teach kids about organic food.


Garden Kit Items


2. Create Eco-crafts. Exercise creativity with fund Eco-crafts. Like this
indoor fairy house or
recycle crayons for a rainbow of color & fun!




Hunt for broken things
IF YOU HAVE KIDS…YOU HAVE GIBLETS. They are the little "things" that kids somehow aquire, are attracted to, and have utterly no value. You can't sell them, you can't eat them, you can't seem to ever get rid of them. This is a great time to organize and use imagination. Talk to them about creating an art piece or a collage with the pieces. Here are the steps!


4. Have a picnic. Create a fun and healthy
lunch like this

simply raw guacamole
or here are some

healthy lunch ideas that kinds will actually eat
! Take your lunch and a comfy blanket to the park and v
oilà! Instant enjoyment. 


5. And as a special treat for Green Girls, finish
off the day with an

Eco-friendly mani pedi
Eco-savvy salons are popping nationwide. Check
online for a local Eco-salon's in your area. If you're in LA,

here's a place one of our Green Girl Guru experienced


Earth Day
is a wonderful opportunity to educate kids about our environment
while keeping it fun! How ever you spend it, have a happy Earth Day!


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